Huawei Working to Improve Its Next Smartphone Cameras

During the event that accompanied the official presentation of the new SoC HiSilicon Kirin 950, some Huawei executives have granted several interviews and, in one of these, one of the things that the Chinese company is planning to drastically improve within its next smartphone: the photographic sector.

Huawei is aware that its terminals, while delivering results on average, good, cannot certainly boast an excellent photo quality, especially when compared with the latest proposals Samsung and LG, however stressed that with the arrival of Kirin 950 within its top of the line, things are destined to improve. The statement comes directly from Bruce Lee (a name you can trust), VP of section Product Line, Huawei, which highlighted the fact that the team that has dealt with the development of Kirin 950, formed in 2013, has worked assiduously in R & D for the improvement of performance. In addition, Lee added that some employees Huawei work closely with Sony regarding the design and performance optimization of sensors used.

Recall that, among other novelties, Kirin 950 uses a new ISP that might make a difference with the past in relation to photographic skills next Huawei Mate 8, the first terminal that will adopt the new SoC recently presented. Of course you can expect an improvement only with the passage of time, however we are curious to find out what has managed to produce the work of Huawei to date.