HTC “Not Has Intention of Create a Mini Version” of One M9, Bet on Phablets

We have discussed many times the malfunction in the market which has the lower range of HTC, Enter a land too competitive and in which it is difficult to stand out, especially if your prices are very low. Time that the signing of Taiwan realized that its reef is the one, and that around it should turn your catalog.

The HTC One work, so much that they decided to make variants of the same. We have seen with the surname models”Max”, also cropped and smaller versions known as Mini.” For which was waiting for a smaller HTC One M9, better you can forget about the possibility.

“That is the information that comes from Taiwan, there are no planned to make a smaller variant, mainly due to the bad results of models”Mini”earlier, and in the interest of the public in larger models, to phablets.

The HTC One Mini 2 could be the latest “Mini” with One look

The President of HTC in the North of Asia, Jack Tong, He has been in charge of comment that they have taken the AX with such phones, to accommodate market trends. We understand that range medium, and medium-high, will be more focused to phones with screens more than 5 inches.

Meanwhile we note how in other Asian markets the compact phones work, as it is the case of the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact in Japan. It is characterized by maintaining high-end specifications in small format.