HTC Is Not Interested in That The Purchase

I think that the news more or less know it if you’ve been outstanding to what counts is on HTC in the last few days: they dropped that HTC was studying to be purchased by Taiwanese neighboring ASUS. From Reuters setting statements of involved managers, accompanied by the typical arguments for denying the possibility.

Today we see that it is the own HTC in communique reported that they they do not include the purchase from his compatriots. In regards to ASUS, stated that there has been no formal offer.

“We firmly deny the news. Asustek contact has not been established and we are not going to consider the acquisition. As an international brand, HTC will continue designing innovative world class through the brilliantly smart devices “, HTC”

What is certain is that ASUS, Jonney Shih, Chairman not disproved the possibility at a meeting of investors that took on Friday, where was expressly asked for it. So the rumor is still latent, Despite the carafe of water cold that they wanted you to take over.

Seems already up to normal played with the future of the company, as a result of poor financial performance in recent quarters – the HTC One M9 has not helped-, and how complicated it seems to be make money creating mobile phones, and that is no doubt the quality of their proposals. We remind you that HTC lived through moments of changes in its organization chart, with Cher Wang taking the reins of the company in March.

On the other side we have a ASUS which fails to break into the market of smartphones, It is a reality that their recent Zenfones are very attractive in price, and the work you have been doing with Intel for brand new hardware in them is also valuable. Economically ASUS is in a better position to address the world’s telephones, but would you be very good “know-how” of HTC.