HTC Dot View, The New HTC Cover One (M8)

New phone in the market, the HTC One (M8) which we have first impressions and precisely test the attachment of which we speak today. This curious new cover of One HTC (M8) that it has been able to go unnoticed, but in which we will focus to speak rather more than she.

It is called HTC Dot View and it can be considered as the official cover of One (M8). Designed by the manufacturer is great virtue to be perforated to let part of the light and the colour emitted by the phone’s screen, so you can show some information to the user. Perhaps very coarse and with a minimal definition, information but information to the end and Cape.

According to HTC for the Dot View they use Motion Launch, ‘shortcut gestures’ software of the system, in a way that We can interact with the system in spite of living the bag. This will move between existing notifications, and covering the most generic aspects of a smartphone: e-mail, text messages or incoming calls (which may receive is although we have bag, clear). To show them, it will be with a ‘double tap’, and to change from one to another, drag the finger. It will also offer information about the time, temperature or weather condition, It may be the most colorful information from among the available.

HTC Dot View It is a small accessory detail – they have not mentioned the price that it will have on the market – but which seeks to innovate and offer something new to differentiate themselves from the competition. Although the possibilities are still very limited, this new idea is welcome.