How to Wear the Backpack

Here are 5 style tips on how to match the backpack, big accessory trend for this season. This type of bag, in fact, extremely practical and comfortable, has ceased to be deemed a simple legacy of the 90s and has been revisited by some of the greatest brands in the fashion world. Do you know how to wear your backpack and how to match it? Learn useful tips.

Which One to Choose?

No precise and strict rules: just stick to a small skimming inherent in the material in which the backpack is made. If you prefer a look sophisticated and chic mood, vintage-inspired or fashionable, what he does for you is the classic backpack in leather or leather, characterized by lines and soft shapes, essential. Choose, instead, a backpack in fabric if garments so casual or sporty, even in bright colors and impact. Are you looking for something in between? Opts for a classic revisited, as a backpack with studs suggested by Mulberry ( in its fall / winter 2016-2017 collection.

When You Wear?

Backpack, like all large and roomy bags, falls into the categories of daytime bags, suitable for the size of the company/studio and of course leisure. It is therefore recommended not to choose it for the evening, just as we would not choose a shoulder bag, just as casual and practical.

How to Wear the Backpack at Work

The backpack can be worn to work, just knowing match. Accostalo a pantsuit, masculine edge, and sticking to the suit with a skirt: the effect would age and definitely exceeded. If you work in an informal setting combines well your backpack with jeans or skinny pants and maxi coat for a chic minimalist look professional and stylish.

Like Wearing the Backpack in Your Spare  Time

The backpack is particularly suitable for casual look, of various kinds and which draw from different and versatile inspirations. Match it with a high-waisted jeans and men’s lace for a look 90s, very trendy; choose it instead to approach a short or knee-length dress, worn with Paris and amphibians, for a more perky and fresh look.

Like Carrying a Backpack

Also in this case there are no precise rules. The important thing is to wear the backpack with extreme ease: just take it over one shoulder, or both of you may fear the “teenager” effect. If you prefer, instead, Reggilo hand from the upper handle, to give your look a look more sophisticated and casual. Everything is up to you and your personality is mainly based on this that you will revisit and reinterpret it right the tendency aiming backpack one of the must-have accessories autumn/ winter 2016-2017.