How to Use Denim-Skirts, Pants, Shirts and Dresses

Today’s post is a “definitive guide” to How to wear Jeans with a lot of style for any occasion! It is not today that we know jeans is the most democratic of all–emerged as uniform of the miners made by Levi’s -and today dominated the fashion world. It’s funny that many of the classical pieces of fashion emerged as uniform as the same goes for the overalls, bomber jackets and more.

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It turns out that in the middle of last year many renowned brands brought the jeans for the Haute Couture catwalks-in beautiful dresses with Ruffles, tubing, skirts, flowing blouses rounds—all in jeans or lyocell that is your lighter version for summer! With this factor, the jeans if consecrated and is more fashionable than ever! I made a super cool video showing how to use jeans for any occasion with several looks from Levi’s Brazil.

Showed since looks with sneakers and a t-shirt, even more street wear, for the weekend, with high heels for the Office… and also several tips on How to wear jeans with a lot of style. I told even what are the main trends of washes, colors and modeling, give play to check out!

Enjoyed the video of how to use jeans?

Photos/Video: Frisson

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