How To Treat Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a height of the woman’s life that comes accompanied by some bodily changes. These are a consequence of the hormonal changes, but also, of the natural increase of weight. The problem with weight gain is that it often carries stretch marks.

How To Treat Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Learn more about what they are, how to treat belly striations after pregnancy, and how to prevent them from appearing. Check out.

Stretch Marks – What Are They And How Do They Come Out?

Stretch marks are usually reddish marks, which may also have a blue hue, and appear in regions where the skin stretches a lot during weight gain.

When body volume returns to the previous level, as in pregnant women, the marks of collagen rupture and elastic fibers appear as if they were scars.

The more the skin stretches during pregnancy, the greater the risk of developing stretch marks. When they appear they can appear with a reddish appearance, and accompanied with inflammation and itching.

Although there are numerous products for this problem, their prevention and treatment are not easy. Then check out how to treat the belly striations after pregnancy.

How To Treat Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

If you develop stretch marks during pregnancy, be aware that they will not disappear completely. However, with some forms of treatment, it is possible to give elasticity to the skin and look younger and smoother.

There is no 100% effective method, however there are some aesthetic treatments with excellent results. These include dermabrasion, chemical peeling and laser.

However, the best way to treat stretch marks is to prevent them from appearing. Here are some tips on how to prevent belly striations after pregnancy.

Prevent the appearance of stretch marks

– The more hydrated the skin is, the more easily it stays elastic. Drink plenty of water, have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and of course, bet on moisturizing creams and specific lotions to prevent stretch marks.

Vitamins A and C are very helpful in maintaining skin characteristics, and as such, ingesting foods rich in these nutrients will help keep skin well nourished and more protected. Foods like peppers, tomatoes, carrots, oranges, mangoes, etc., are great for integrating your daily diet.

– Stretch marks arise from the fact that the skin stretches too much or too quickly. As such, try to control the weight during gestation so as not to exceed the healthy limit of weight gain.