How to Store a Mummy Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag mummy is derived from your name your appearance. Bulging near the top and tapering at both ends like a sarcophagus-the shape of the bag is designed to provide maximum warmth and comfort. Mummy Sleeping bags are often used during camping trips when the size and weight of the equipment and material is a consideration. Rolling and storing a sleeping bag Mummy properly minimizes the volume of the bag, and helps to preserve it for future adventures.

Here are the instructions to store mummy sleeping bag.


1 Unzip the sleeping bag Mummy and inspect the inside. Remove any debris or scraps. The bag must be perfectly dry.Storage and rolling up a sleeping bag often causes wet mold to develop.

2 Zip the bag once the inspection is complete. Fold the bag in half lengthwise.

3 Locate the bottom of the sleeping bag Mummy. Begin to roll the bag at the bottom, forcing the air from the opening in the head.

4 Press the coiled part of the sleeping bag with a knee. It compresses and forces the air opening extra.

5 Keep the Mummy sleeping bag down with a knee after the last roll. Secure the strips around the bag to keep it well wrapped.

6 Fit the Mummy sleeping bag inside of your nylon or mesh storage bag.


Store the bag in a cool, dry place.