How to Start Strength Training for Beginners

Whether you want to work on your fitness, want to get stronger, work on your health, want to lose weight or just want more muscle: You have to start somewhere. Strength training is a good way, but the idea of ​​going to a gym, you can keep to it, or you have no idea how you need to start. With a few tips and explanations can step over the threshold faster.

Do you know why

You can start several reasons for weight training. It is not only important to know what your goal is, but it is also good to give to a gym that is your goal. Targets can be:

  • Come healthy weight.
  • Get stronger.
  • Sharpen your skin will.
  • Construction condition.
  • Working on your health.
  • Broader and more muscular to: build muscle.

A combination of objectives is of course also possible. If you specify that you want to lose weight, a sports instructor to give you a different training schedule, then when you want to be big and muscular.

Find fitness

The step to actually go to the gym, often the most difficult step. For what is a good gym, and walking is not all bloated arrogant muscular men? There is an idea to look in your local environment or is there someone who might secretly thought of the idea to go to the gym. It can make it easier to cope. Moreover, it is also very cozy and you can encourage each other to go together.
In most gyms, it is possible to get a free time on the test. So you can better familiar with the gym, the atmosphere, equipment, hygiene, etc. then ask immediately how good guidance. When we deliver you through what your goals are, what you are currently considering, they have a good fat meters, they set a training schedule and they are also able to give advice on diet.
Subscriptions range from about 20 euros and also around 80 euros per month, and the price often does not always mean everything. Perhaps an expensive gym has a nice sauna and high-tech, but it is better guidance on cheaper school. So do not be swayed by the price.

Atmosphere in the gym

As for the “big men”: Do not be put off by the building. There really want to say something. Their large size means hard work and a lot of discipline, and they are often nicer than the guys who are just starting to think and to prove himself. But overall, it is often not so bad, and his fellow athletes often good. Remember that all you see in the gym is always to start it first. So we all know how it is. Consider other, you do it just for yourself! People who work for the first time, especially if their goal is to exercise the overweight away, saw feeling. But you can of what you think the people who have been sports as well as when you started, and there is often a lot of respect from other athletes for people who want to work on their weight.

-Getting Started in the bag:

You have found the gym. You can get started. Make sure you have a bottle of water and a towel with you. Are you planning to take a shower at the gym by yourself, then take an extra towel. And not unimportant: Use a good deodorant. Drag sport where you feel comfortable in, no clothes where you sweat easily, which is not too tight and where you can move in right. For example, look at a health department in a sports shop or a major department store. For women: buy a good solid sports bra. There is a gym that does not allow your shoes you wear outside, inside sport.

God mat

Make sure you do not start training on an empty stomach, but also do not eat heavy meals. Make sure you eat something in good time and possibly eat an apple or banana just for sport. Strength training requires a lot of energy and you can hang out on an empty stomach in the weights, then chances are pretty high that you light in your head. For extra energy, you can also drink a cup of coffee just before training. Also drink plenty of water during exercise. Immediately after training, take simple carbs. Often, a gym or a drink after exercise, but you can also think of dextroamphetamine. You go over the time trains harder or more often than it is on a good gym to tell you more about good nutrition to weight training.


As described previously, a good gym exercises based on your goals a training schedule that allows you to work. On a training set which exercises you should do one day, how many sets you should do each exercise and how many repetitions per set you do. A sports will be the first to go with you and explain the exercises, occurs and you watch if you perform the exercise correctly. Do not hesitate if you go next time and you do not remember, keep asking!
Stick to afford the instructor! You can look around how others do it, but sometimes people learn in their own way that is not always effective and sometimes injury prone!

training Schedule

Anyone can have a different schedule. As mentioned earlier, it depends on the goal. It is usually as a chart for beginners train all muscle groups at a time. Per muscle group you are doing an exercise. Mostly these are the following muscle groups: the back, chest, biceps and triceps, shoulders, front legs and hind legs and abdomen.
People who have been involved in training often smaller muscle groups at once, but doing more exercises per muscle group. Once the train, for example, chest and biceps, and the other day, just the legs. Each muscle group consists primarily of a large number of muscles, depending on the exercise you put emphasis on a particular muscle. When you begin your muscles are not used to movement and exercise. Therefore, it is good to talk to each card muscles and let them get used to it. Try to exercise at least twice a week.
Certainly in the beginning you can take a few times to shake your head when you see all these names for the exercises. Sometimes names in Dutch and you’ll figure it out, but the names are in English, it is advisable to pen a personal explanation in writing.


Muscles adapt pretty quickly! The first time you come, you have a lot of pain, but after a few weeks, the muscle will become smaller and smaller. The muscles become stronger and make sure that they handle the load. When they can handle this, they become lazy and your training thus less effective. Muscle pain is a good sign: it means that they are stronger. Therefore you were 6 to 8 weeks to start a new schedule with other exercises or a different intensity of exercise. The muscles have to work again for the new way of moving or having to deliver more power. A good gym will be able to inform you of this and help.
What you should also know about muscle: after a workout they need rest! Want your strong arms, so you should train them specifically consecutive days: give the muscle at least 48 hours of rest. In resting muscle recovers and gets stronger, which need time a muscle!
Think carefully if you start training, you will make the muscle movements, they have never done, and in a manner and the intensive training they are not accustomed. Give your body time to get used to: not the first times at full power or try to show others how strong you really are. You will not be the first to suffer an injury like that. Weight lifting is a sport you have to build up good and you will see when you learn more about the sport, the amount of weights that you can also get up do not say anything.
More about strength training, see: do’s and don’ts.