How to Shoot the Sleeping Bag

Strip a sleeping bag is essential for those camping. It is to reduce the size to put in a smaller bag or just to keep it clean and easy to transport, roll is very easy.


1 Straighten your sleeping bag as advised by It is much easier to do this on the ground that on an elevated surface, but if it is wet, it can be at the top.

2 Bend in half. It may be the middle of the bag or the wings.

3 Roll the side with the opening towards the body. Here is where the campaign if you have.

4 Keep well and begin to sag.

5 Place too tight. Push it well into each time you wheel. Do this until the half.

6 When you reach the end, do one of the following methods: If the bag has fasteners at the end, tighten securely and leave a distance of 7.5 cm between them. If it is not, take some rope and tie firmly in the middle. It may be good to make a square knot. Place the bag wrapped in a small bag (many come with a bag suitable for backpacks with compartments to carry it to).

7 Put it all together and hit the road! Tips Bag should keep in a proper bag or loose. Keep a bag of modern sleep and wrapped compromising their long durability. While wheel sleeping bag will help keep it clean, be sure to clean frequently to remove sweat and dirt. Synthetic bags can be washed in the washing machine, already with filling cleaned it it by hand and with special product (in a tub is easier) or cleaning by someone who understands the subject.