How to Renovate Wooden Furniture

If You Have Old Wooden Furniture Which You Don’t Know What to Do At Home, You Can Give It a Second Life By Applying a Special Paint with “Polished Concrete” Effect.

If you have old wooden furniture which you don’t know what to do at home, you can give it a second life by applying a special paint with “polished concrete” effect. And transform your interior space design and contemporary for low cost! Paint effect polished concrete: the preparation of the paint effect polished concrete furniture applies on any wooden furniture, whether painted, waxed, laminate, melamine or already painted in a different color. recommends you to fill any holes and cracks with pulp wood before painting. After having met the time of drying required by the manufacturer, lightly sand the furniture with abrasive paper. It may be useful, although not essential, to ask an acrylic paint or a layer of primary as a sublayer of snap, before moving on to the next step.



The choice of the paint effect polished concrete can be found painting effect concrete waxed in all major retailers of DIY. At the time of the purchase, take care to choose a product suitable for this use, because all brands are not necessarily suitable for an application on furniture. Carefully read the list of compatible media listed on the paint bucket. Apply the paint effect concrete waxed on furniture paint effect polished concrete settles on furniture in several layers (two at least) using a trowel or a stainless steel spatula. The brush is not the right instrument here, because this particular painting is much thicker than the classical paintings. Do not hesitate to create differences in level during the laying of the first layer to improve the Visual rendering. Let dry for at least four hours between each layer, or even more if the recommendations of the manufacturer recommend. Then sand the whole of the furniture with the fine-grained sandpaper. Finally, place at least two layers of protective varnish on furniture with a roller.