How to Match Shoes with Summer Outfit

I have among my clients of helpless women when they have to choose shoes to match their outfit, especially the summer, when the boots and pantyhose are no longer an option… So here are some tips your personal shopper lyonnaise.

First rule to match shoes to summer outfit: the choice of the heel.

In summer as in winter, there are different types of heels: Sandals heels, mid-high heels, heels trotting and variants, the offset, flat shoes and barefoot…

Choose, to already pay attention to its morphology: avoid a too thick heel, which will pack the silhouette, especially if you are small (1, 60 m and less) or round.
Small sprain: the offset, in particular if the sole contrasts with the stem (= all part of the footwear above the sole).

Practice the Tip: prefer a ground platform or whose heel is identified (type wood soles), it avoids having a heavy approach (which is “schloup schloup”), and will keep the natural movement of the foot (and therefore less tiring leg) to ask the heel first.

Shoes from the collection of the Tamarisk you can find here.

The heel is chosen then also of course according to the outfit: “more or less sophisticated–> more or less heel” is a rule of thumb (which of course can work around in some cases;.

For a casual, it is not useful to leave on a high heel. A flat shoe, barefoot, a Walker or a compensated ex marry perfectly with. Conversely, a sandal flat jewel will very well do with a more chic outfit!

Remember also : more clamps are many and wide, more the shoe is relaxed, more the shoe is more sober she will be ‘class ‘.

A few examples, with a Mint & Berry blouse and slim Asos, worn in a casual way, in a more sophisticated way, and finally in a very classy way:

I selected you also some accessories
1 pouch Menbur and Michael Kors shows. 2 cover Mamma Mia New Look and medicine sweet earrings. 3. Perfecto Vila sequins and Accessories pouch. 4 cover Asos and Chic bib then.

Second rule: the colors and prints

Match your shoes to your summer outfit, to of course pay attention to color and print. If you are a fan of the sober: black / brown / white / beige / grey, you can say that in General a black sandal will be smarter than a Brown, white will be smarter than a beige or gray.

For the more daring, you can choose to match the color of the shoe to the outfit. Careful not to do too much total look, it’s not that the style (too easy!). To mark a stylistic choice, you have to play on the detail. Can marriage of complementary colors: for example a shoe orange on a dress printed with blue, and perhaps a hint of orange, or the same intensity but contrasting colors: a nice bright green frog with a fuchsia pink skirt high heat for example.

Remember that summer, is the season of color, do you favor, dare-everything!

The nice option too, it’s to go on metallic shoes, which will reflect the Sun, so very nice to wear in the summer!

The wheel of  shoe – be sure to display your personality!

As you can see, the multiple variants in the choice of the Spartans or sandals or open shoes that you will power wear with your summer outfits!

Good news for an outfit given, there is an infinity of possible associations, so as to choose the pair of shoes that tells a bit of your personality!