How to Know the Size of Your Cap

Have you found that perfect Hat but was in doubt: How to know the size of the hat right on the purchase? It’s not just the tab model, straight or bent, and from the rear, locked or snapback, that make the difference. The size is crucial at this time.

How to Know the Size of Your Cap

Until recently, we didn’t even knew the different caps sizes and models available on the market. It was with the popularization of New Era Caps that we follow this American standard.

The different sizes of CAP are already widespread in the United States for a long time, and with the arrival of several foreign brands in Brazil, we were a little confused amid so many numbers and size of different Cap.

Buy a hat in a physical store can be much easier for you to have a wide variety of models to prove and choose what looks best on your head, but when you buy online the deal complicates.

Ideally, always buy in person because no one wants a hat too big or tight, but if the virtual store of the New Era in Brazil makes a big promotion, for example, you’re going to lose by staying on the fence and not knowing the size of hat you should choose?

Looking for a simple way of how to know the size of the hat, we found this little conversion chart that helps when making a purchase over the internet. With a measuring tape, take the measure of the contour of your head at the tip of the ear.

Not to be no doubt, go to the store ( that sells vintage style snapbacks you are looking for and try to find the size of the hat for your head. But if you measured with the tape and was not in doubt, just buy your new template and be happy!

If you still have left any questions, let us comments that we will help you: