How to Help Child with Fear of the Dark

When Chiara da babe started to turn to House my husband and I stupivamo of how seemed not to be afraid of nothing, not even the dark rooms… we thought so naively that we could have avoided all the strategies on Managing fear of darkness in children heard tell from friends already parents and instead, when least expected, came here!

From day to day the phrase “mom (or dad) buo, pua!”–translation “mom (or dad) there is dark, I’m scared!”–came inexorably in our daily lives.
Yet we don’t seem to have somehow unleashed, not consciously at least …

Afraid of the dark in children: when and why does it occur?

I’ve documented a bit to understand more and discovered that apparently the fear of darkness in children is usually seen between 2 and 6 years of age (and indeed Chiara began to manifest it right around the age of two).

It is part of the normal process of growth of children: babies are not afraid of the darkness because they were used to being in the dark in the belly of the mother but when children begin to perceive themselves as a separate entity from you begin to notice of being vulnerable, afraid of losing referrals or being abandoned; fear of the dark becomes a large container in which to merge all their fears. To terrorize children, rather than the darkness itself, is what you can hide or what their mind projecting inside such as the absence of a parent.

Recommendations to limit the fear of darkness in children

To help children overcome their fear of the dark we can implement different strategies:

  • Not liquidate their fear as silly or ridiculous: it is a totally irrational fear uncontrollable and this does not help them at all;phrases like “you are great and you don’t have to be afraid anymore” not only help them to overcome their own fear but not to recognize it and handle it,
  • Do not invent ever the existence of scary characters like the Boogeyman or the Lone Wolf to behave composed during the day, the models to be provided to children must always be positive,
  • Recounting their experiences: this is to provide them with examples that confirm that what they feel is the same as that once parents have heard and this will comfort them,
  • Empathizing with their fear and show emotional sharing with phrases like “I see you so afraid”
  • Keep the door of their room open,
  • Put in a particularly beloved puppet from child or any garment that has our ‘ smell ‘,
  • Do not force them to stay in the dark but provide them with tools that can be comforting as a Nightlight which you can buy on Entertainmentdns next to the cot,
  • Accompany them not only to read but also in the dream world by reading a beautiful story

And if that’s not enough, there are also games that help them bring out the emotions they feel (as exhort them to draw on a piece of paper what does their fear and then cut the sheet into many pieces) or to exorcise fears how to make super Scouts armed with torch

Our strategies anti-fear of the dark

Fables, fairy tales and even fairy tales

Our passion for reading did I mention no?! Well to make the move into the arms of Morpheus are sparing not gentle and peaceful fairy tales read hugged each other on the bed.
For the moment we’re settling of traditional books but I’m considering buying some books a bit more specific as the Bunny who wanted to fall asleep  (have any of you tried it? Really does collapse the children asleep, not because it would be my dream come true:P) or something right about facing fear of the dark, but in a good way, as seems to be the book the magic of darkness… If you have any advice for me come forward!