How to Clean Water Bottles

Can I wash the bottle in the dishwasher?

    • all of the bottles can be put in the dishwasher
    • Always separate the CAP.In the case of the CAP with his treat-open the drinking fountain and disconnect the hose, open the sleeve Cap

It is necessary to take off the silicone cover?

  • silicone cover do not have to take off every time you wash, bottles are washed with packaging
  • After some time, we recommend having the cover removed (due to the possible formation of limescale deposits) and wash the bottle and packaging separately

How to capture and deploy the silicone cover?

  • Silicone cover, simply pull off, so that you put the bottle in warm water with detergent
  • After washing and drying bottles and packaging.It simply pulled over on the bottle

How to clean the bottle manually?

  • fill the bottle with hot water, add dish soap and using the brush, clean the
  • If the bottle is a lot of dirty (dry juice, smoothie) use our special detergent for washing bottles according to

How to use a Clean Touchon cleaning bottles?

  • CleanTouchpour into the bottle (2-3kávové teaspoons), beans with hot water and shake. Empty and rinse the bottle of drinking water.

You can use CleanTouch for washing baby bottle?

  • Yes,Clean Touch is atestován for use in infants and young children. Very good milk deposits from