How To Choose The Color Of The Interior

What color do we have on the tiles? What color looks best on our walls in the living room? We asked nine questions about how to think about when choosing colors of the furnishings, the interior designer Christel Månsson.

1.What Should I Do To Get Started With Choosing Colors?
A good way is to start from a color you already have in the house. Look around. That green carpet that you love, the cream-colored curtains, painting with the fine nuances in the living room. There are lots of inspiration to download.

And you can do as we interior designers themselves do. Add puzzle.
You take pieces from different materials to be used together in a room. Cut out pieces of cloth, pieces of wood to the floor and ceiling, wallpaper pieces and paint samples and put your puzzle based on WallStickerCollection. Feel how the materials and colors work together.The advantage of the puzzle is the fact that you see everything together-the big picture.
Also look in the interior design magazines and catalogs. Peeking in brochures and color charts such as painters and furniture stores access. They often have great color combinations that Iuse. Remember that the wallpaper and paint shop, which might have fluorescent lighting, the colors may be perceived in a way, and when you get home looks out the colors in a different way.
One of the best ways is to bring a color sample jar from the grocery store and paint with it at home. Be aware that the color can be stronger when it is painted on a large surface. Therefore, it may be useful to a less colored paint. One option might be to order a sample of up to one A4 page and take home. The cost, however, a few pennies more than the sample jar.

  1. Suitable For Certain Colors Always In Some Rooms, Such As Blue In The Bedroom?
    No.It is the tone or hue of the color that is important. Green as we often see as a pleasing color, the wrong tone feel tingling, in the same way as a red color with brown tone, feel soft. We live in a dark land, so therefore we are crazy bright colors and want to take advantage of the light coming in.It’s really healthy. Instead, we use more paint on the curtains, carpets and other things found in the room.

Then you should keep in mind that light affects how we perceive colors.Should you change the color scheme, you should also think about lighting.Different light sources have different color temperatures. Compact energy-saving fluorescent lamps often have a cold light, while halogen bulbs are warmer light. Ordinary light bulbs are also warm light. Both incandescent and halogen lamps have been warmer light than daylight. By replacing ceiling light with several spotlights, you can get a completely different light. The room can be much more pleasant. With a single lamp is room shadowless, and we have to shadows and contrasts. It is good with many lighting points. A kitchen with a blue color may therefore feel warmer if you put the spotlights.
You can also experiment with colored lighting, which according Christel many teenagers do.

  1. Is There A Difference Between Painted And Papered Walls?How Should We Think?
    I can think of wallpaper feels like a place more “dressed”, while a painted color can feel naked. Painted surfaces have dominated over the years, but now the wallpaper on the march with many exciting patterns and textures.
  2. Are There Other Ways To Change The Color Of A Room For?
    Try to change the colors on the bedspread, rugs, sofas, armchairs and rugs.It is often best to start with a specific color detail as you like, such as a picture, and then pick out the shades of this color. Sure, you can use the sprawling colors of different things in a room, but then it should be tasteful and well thought out.
  3. How Do You Choose The Color For The Kids Room?
    I have experience of children often think of bright colors and it is clear that they should be allowed to choose the color.But instead of that shocking pink color, you can as a parent to control it a little bit and choose a softer tone of pink.
  4. What Should I Consider When Choosing The Color Of The Tile In The Kitchen?
    Think about what to wear for different materials in your kitchen and put your puzzle again.Walls, countertops, kitchen cabinets, floor. See the big picture.
  5. What Is The Role Of The Ceiling And Floor Of A Room?
    The floor is extremely important for a room.It’s like a tray that everything is at, that’s Fund and the foundation. If you have a wooden floor, you can, for example lasera or stain the wood in order to create different effects. As for the roof, of course, is a good white color, but try it with other colors as well.
    Christel talks about his favorite cafe has a green painted ceilings. It’s beautiful and fit for the specific environment found there.
  6. Does The Color Of How Large Or Small A Room Can Be Experienced?
    It is both patterns, colors and lights that affect the spatial perception.Generally speaking, the darker the color, the less room and the brighter the color, the more spacious rooms.Do you strongly patterned wallpaper, the room can feel small. Striped wallpaper with horizontal lines can make the room wider in the same way as vertical lines can make the room higher. Foundation walls are common today that can also affect the room.For example, you have two walls in a tone and two walls in a different tone.

9th Is Not There A Risk That I Get Tired Of One Color?
In general, I think that we in Sweden are too cautious, we should dare more. There are many who just are afraid to get bored with a color. But then I usually say this: If it’s something you enjoy, why not choose it? In different stages of life, we need different colors. You can certainly feel the urge for a color sometimes, and then you need the color. Colors affect us much more than we might think. There are scientific studies that, among other things made here in Sweden showing that brain activity and heart rate can be affected by color. For example you can be active, passive or restful. Some of us react much on the colors, while others are less affected.