How to Choose The Bike Reelight Lights?

Lighting, cyclists are looking for the following criteria: safety, reliability and durability. Reelight brand, specialized in the manufacture of induction battery-free bike lights, meets their needs through a wide range of products such as fires SL100, SL200, SL500, SL600, RL700, Reelight Go, Reelight City, Reelight Ego. Here is a short description and installation for each bike Reelight fire tips.


How does a fire of bike induction?

Reelight City bike lights

Reelight City Supreme bike lights

SL100 bike lights

SL200 bike lights

SL500 bike lights

SL600 bike lights

RL700 bike lights

Reelight GB bike lights

Reelight Ego bike lights

How does a fire of bike induction?

Most Reelight lights work by electromagnetic induction according to The principle is this: magnets attached to the spokes of the wheels will generate electricity as soon as they pass in rotation before a sensor (or power supply). The lights illuminate in the first round of wheel.

According to the models, the taillight remains on stationary with a capacitor. This stores energy and fuels the fire even if you are arrested.

Here is an explanatory video:

Reelight City lights

Reelight City are traffic lights that require no battery or battery. They are practical to install on the bike with their system of fixing by clips. When not in use, they move easily: the front and rear lights fit together magnetically.

The magnetic field is created by the rotation of the wheel. Lighting the fire is done without contact or friction. Reelight City fires can be sold as a complete set. Here is a presentation of fires as well as Assembly instructions:

Fires Reelight City Supreme

The City Supreme Reelight are traffic lights that don’t require batteries or battery. They are easy to install on most bikes with a clamping system to fix on the fork and the shrouds.

The rotation of the wheel created the magnetic field. Lighting the fire is done without contact and without friction, which does therefore not pedaling. Here is a presentation of the City Supreme lamps in video:

SL100 bike lights

SL100 bike lights are compatible on the bikes with V-breaks brakes or brakes to backpedal. The difference between versions SL100 is at the level of their type of lighting.

It is possible to install a set of additional magnets in a way that the fire flashing is faster. Fires SL100 Assembly instructions are available on video:

SL200 bike lights

SL200 bike lights have the same characteristics as the SL100 except that they are compatible on the bikes with disc brakes or brakes to roll. There are 2 types of lighting:

It is possible to install a set of additional magnets to get a faster flashing of the fire. In addition the rider provides more visibility. Here is an explanatory video to mount SL200 fires:

SL500 bike lights

Bike SL500 fires differ from SL100 and SL200 models since they are positioned on the handlebar or seatpost, and not on the hub.

RL700 bike lights

The RL700 series differs from other Reelight lights thanks to the integration of a 1 Watt LED on each model. This LED ensures a very high quality of illumination 4 lux. RL700 bike lights are positioned either on the fork and the rear luggage rack, the fork and seatpost. RL700 lights are compatible with or without disc brakes on bikes.

UGo Reelight lights

UGo Reelight consist of a fire before and back lighting (sold together). These lights are designed to make life easier for the cyclist with quick installation and removal requiring no tools. They are placed in different parts of the bicycle as the seat post, the shrouds and the handlebars. Battery-powered, they have a battery life of 8 hours in continuous mode.

Reelight Ego lights

Reelight Ego lights are green lights Reelight GB versions since they recharge by USB cable. These lights are attached with a magnet system. Once the bracket is installed on the handlebars and seatpost, fires moved very quickly.