How to Choose Pregnancy Jeans?

Our tips for choosing her pregnancy jeans

The pregnancy jeans is often the first piece we buy. And then leaves us more until delivery …

Choosing the Right Size of Jeans

This may seem obvious, but you must take the size you usually do, even if you are pregnant. The models are designed to suit your new body, however, if your weight gain is reasonable.

Good Headband

The pregnancy jeans are fitted with elastic bands that cover the belly. Unquestionably the largest spandex mesh headband ensures maximum comfort throughout pregnancy. There are other low-rise jeans models with much thinner strip that sits right below the belly. Perfect if you want to go a top in your jeans, for example, or if you are in early pregnancy, but feel that the great banner is not yet necessary. More discreet, low waist jeans without headband with yoke on the sides can navigate a belt. You choose the fit that’s best for you. The important thing is that you feel at ease. Note, all these models are designed to take you from 1 to 9 months (

Building on Slim

If there is a time when we can authorize the skinny jeans, it is during pregnancy. Your pretty belly bulging balance your figure, and looking at yourself in the mirror, you even feel your legs are fine. Enjoy, this optical effect lasts only nine months. Why even the slim? Car stretch, it is soft and comfortable, can be worn with ballet pumps with heels to lengthen the silhouette. You can associate an empire tunic or top off. The important thing is the balance between the volume up and down. Already a fan of the slim? Try the jeggings, legging mix between and slim, this trendy jeans is very praised by mothers, especially for its comfort.

Daring Colors

The trend of winter looks colorful. Plum, burgundy, petroleum blue or green, make a comeback in the wardrobes. If long pregnancy clothes were not exactly fun, now brands dare flashy and trendy colors. To brighten up your outfits, opt for red or green jeans, as long as the top left sober.