How to Choose Laptop Backpack

I finished University, already a few years ago. At the time, I remember that laptops were already used by many students. I don’t know if it was because I was right, but at least half of the students in my program was taking notes of course with their laptop. I still remember the concerts of “disturbance of the keyboard” when teachers gave their courses. I remember also this course of private international law, where my colleagues had to turn into typists, so the teacher spoke very fast.

We sometimes forget, but even if we have the best laptop in the world, if we have nothing to carry, we won’t get very far. We can’t just walk down the street or in the subway with his computer in the hands.First, can be damaging in the beyond. Then, it does not protect from rain or snow. Third, we risk of it being stolen. Finally, we can’t carry something else, like books.

Right, I remember that in all my classes, I had to bring a book of doctrine, a guide to laws and often one or two books of jurisprudence. When I had two or three classes in my day, I had the impression that my backpack was going to explode, so it was filled. They called me the turtle!

That’s why, if you are in college or University, it is important to have a robust and comfortable backpack. If you want to take notes with your mobile phone, make sure you have at hand a backpack with a cover designed especially for computers.

Of course, you can take a backpack normal, but your laptop may not have the same protection if it is in a special pocket. He can bump on your books and pencils. And if you drop your backpack on the ground too hard, you can simply cause property damage. Hard disks have changed a lot in recent years, but the last thing we want, is to lose all of its data, especially end-of-session!

Some suggestions of models

Maybe you didn’t, but at site THERELIGIONFAQS, we find a host of different models of bag backpack designed to accommodate a laptop. Indeed, you can get your hands on prestigious brands such as Samsonite, Swiss Gear or JanSport. Here are some models.

Backpack for laptop Campus Business of Samsonite

This Samsonite backpack has a very classic design that will, I am sure, to those who want to have a professional look. It’s the kind of backpack that you might get if you plan to do an internship during your session or if you’re in your last year and think you may continue to use your bag after, as part of your first job.

We can accommodate a laptop of a size of 15.6-inch or less. It also has enough space for a Tablet and a Smartphone, other essential devices for the connected student.

On the side of the comfort, it offers the strap padded mesh that promise to offer better air circulation. If you walk minutes long with a heavy backpack, you will be pleased with this addition.

Swiss Gear backpack for laptop

Just like the Samsonite model, this Swiss Gear backpack contains enough space to accommodate a laptop 15.6-inch or less. Honestly, for a question of weight, most students opt for a laptop of this size or go in the smallest.

It is made of fabrics polyester armor which gives it protection against water. You cannot bathe with (who would bathe with her backpack?), but if you get caught in the rain, your laptop, your notes and your books will be able to stay dry.

On the side of the comfort, it has nothing to envy to the Samsonite model because it offers a padded back. That way, you can carry a lot of weight, without being afraid of you to bend.

Backpack 27 l Kilo of Burton

Honestly, this bag from Burton is my favorite from the list. I love her dress beige safari that reminds the bags back archaeologists and adventurers. It is sometimes said that law students are serious, but, honestly, I would have worn without problem this bag backpack at UQAM and at the University of Montreal.

I know that some students have laptops 17 inches, including those studying in computer graphics. Well, if this is your case, you’ll be happy to learn that he has a padded compartment designed for this kind of computer.

But that’s not all. Another double Pocket offers enough space to put a tablet or laptop mini 11.5 inches. Anyway, here’s the backpack perfect for computing and technology pros. And if you do snowboarding skateboard, you can even hang it on your bag with straps on the front.

Good. Personally, I’ve never done skateboarding, so I’m happy to know that you can also use these straps to put a coat.

25 l Digital DigiBreak of JanSport backpack

This JanSport backpack is also part of my favorite models.What I like with this model, is that even after there is inserted a 15 inch computer or less, we still have enough room to put books. Practice for those who, like me before, must bring several textbooks for their courses.

Otherwise, its design is very casual, so that it can be used on weekends like suitcase when you travel.

Swiss Gear backpack for laptop

This Swiss Gear backpack has perhaps a conservative design, but, honestly, it’s one of the more convenient you can find at Best Buy. It offers enough space to insert a 17.3-inch laptop!

If you are afraid to hack your data, be aware that it also contains a Pocket that is capable of blocking radio frequency identification. In other words, the data contained in your credit cards and your Passport will be safe.

In short, it is the perfect backpack if you plan to spend a part of your studies in Europe or elsewhere than at the Canada. For my part, I didn’t the chance to make trips to study when I was in College, but I regret a lot today. As you so aptly: travel broadens the mind!

Some tips in bulk

-Don’t let your bag to your back to the Sun.

-Adjust the straps to avoid having a bad back.

-Do not leave your backpack unattended, especially if it contains valuables. If you go to the toilet, to the break during a course, ask a friend to watch him.

-If you put bottles in your bag, make sure they are tight, because if they roll inside your bag, you might damage your laptop.