How to Choose an IP Camera

They security cameras are one of the most popular products on the market by millions of user around the world, and in countries such as Mexico for reasons of insecurity increasingly more and more are being implemented not only in schools, but also in offices and houses.

However not all systems are equal, no cameras. In the market you can find many popular types of security cameras such as the IP.

Security IP cameras They are of the most modern in the market and are relatively simple, and you can monitor using a computer or a smartphone. However there are a number of important factors that should be considered before purchasing equipment of this type.

Placement of the security camera

The IP camera is available both inside and outside, that come with a modem wired or wireless depending on the case.

The IP camera with wires should be routed to 100 meters away from the main monitor. However if you opt for the wireless IP should be applied as close enough monitor to have signal and access to the camera; the distance to be taken will be based on the Protocol in the camera stand.

You should consider the cameras Wireless N if your wireless network is compatible with the Protocol because of the scope and the relative lack of interference. Outdoor units are dome style or standard cameras waterproof or with some kind of protective element.

You need to have an outlet or an ethernet (Power Over Ethernet according to Securitypology) for each camera and thus operate. POE is used either with a power injector or a specialized Ethernet switch, but works only on certain cameras, and is designed primarily for business use.

Camera coverage

The security cameras are designed to cover specific areas. We must choose the correct camera that helps prevent dead or blind, spots of which intruders may take advantage. PTZ cameras are the shape of pan, you can rotate and zoom, so that may be in constant motion, if you see any suspicious movement.

These cameras usually cover an arc up to 300 degrees, while the panoramic reaches 90 degrees in inclination. This coverage can be invaluable to cover areas such as backyard or outside of a building.

Camera resolution

It is important that the cameras have the ability to see a person or an object, so you must consider this detail when you buy the camera.

VGA cameras provide a basic aspect in an area, but to capture the detail necessary to identify a suspect or an object should be considered the megapixel or be an HD camera. These factors are even more important as choosing between one color or white version.

Another option is the camera LED, which allows to have a night vision, but reduce the resolution and colour in this application.

Monitoring camera

Some IP cameras are possible to integrate to an old system of monitoring analog, i.e. to monitor them by television. However most allow you to have access to them via the internet and a computer or smart phone and a software installation.

In what compete software usually is included in the camera, but must make sure that this will be encrypted so that other similar cameras do not have access to it. Other more advanced systems allow you to use PTZ functions to investigate further a concern, if the camera supports this function.

Many camera systems also allow recording in the time period or in real time directly in a DVR is sometimes included in the package. The amount that you can record can be improved using a camera that has motion detection technology to record only when it detects it.

We hope that this information is useful and remind you that on our page we sell surveillance cameras.