How to Choose a Good Sports Bra

When choosing the right sports bra to keep in mind that it does not depend only on the size of the circuit and the cups, but also on what type of action it will take.

Many women do not fit the bra as it should. You can not possibly choose the right size or shape of a bra? And your back hurts and every movement you feel pain in your chest? We need not be at all surprised, because only one in five women know how to choose the appropriate size and shape of your bra. As for sports bras, they require slightly higher claims and their choice is even more complex. Now we advise in this article, what in the selection of sports bras really matters and what we must not forget.

While choosing the right sports bra to keep in mind that it does not depend only on the size of the circuit and the cups, but also on what type of sporting activity, we will use it. Furthermore, it is necessary to select a bra for you from the most pleasing and most of the functional material. Not every bra meets these parameters and is suitable for sports. Not only health, but also the breasts have only one. Completely forget about buying cheaper bras from hypermarkets or even the Vietnamese market. Such never fails to fulfill its role as a sports bra. Investing in expensive quality bras are worth. During sporting activity, you will feel a lot more comfortable, and your breasts will be much friendlier.

Choosing a bra is important especially for women with unusually large breasts, which consequently often suffer from back pain or severe chest pain during a strong movement. When wearing a bad bra chosen during sports activities with steeper movements even leads to painful tearing of muscle fibers and are often irreversible consequences in the form of a sagging breasts. Give therefore to many of the recommendations of doctors and specialists in the field and buy a sports bra with the greatest possible support for the breast. Your breasts will no longer suffer so forth, ulevíte back and comfortable you will be able to devote himself to his sporting hobbies. When you purchase a good quality bras functional materials need not worry that after prolonged use of lifts and you sweat produced it changed beyond recognition. Quality sports bras meet the strictest standards for functional underwear – a great sweat on the face side are still flexible, hold their shape after washing and dry very quickly. (One great model sports bra I present to you here in


The smallest breast support you need at slower activities such as classical yoga, walking or need strengthening. Moderate support breast is suitable for lighter gymnastics, skating and playing tennis. For physically demanding activities such as martial arts or the popular aerobics are necessary high support bra. Shock rich sports such as running, basketball or riding dress bra with maximum support. If correct sports bra sports activity you enjoy to the fullest! This eliminates pain during sports! No irreparable damage to parts of the breast in women!


The right bra you choose, if you meet the following points:

  • First, think hard on what kind of sports bra will use.
  • Decide on the basis of the type of activities which support the breasts need.
  • Find out the required size bra. How to determine the right size bra? According to various surveys, 4 out of 5 women choose the wrong size bra. Choose well-fitting bra is not a simple matter, which does not contribute even a little bit different numbering from different manufacturers. Therefore it is very important when buying bras to try a few until you hit on that ideal.

And how do we find the size of the cups? Very simply. Take the best measuring tape, stand in front of the mirror and measure the circumference of your chest just below the breasts. Measure the circumference through the chest at its widest point. The ideal size cups come from the difference between the two numbers. Then assign the size of the cups in the following table:


AA 10-12 x 12-14 x A, x B 14-16, 16-18 x C x D 18-20, 20-22 x E (DD) 22 to 24 * F (DDD), 24- 26 x G x H 26-28

Circuit size bra is given in cm according to your measurements of your circuit. Circuit size bra is graded after 5 cm. At the store, choose at least three bras, one according to your chosen size, one smaller and one větší.Jestliže bra fits, high comfort you, and nowhere Nedra nesjíždí you, and then try some of the movements the intended physical activity and observe how these boobs reagují. Nakonec movements, find out what material is made bra. It should be a good functional material that is breathable and wicking sweat.