How to Change the Lens of Your DSLR Camera Safely

Have you just purchased a DSLR camera and are in doubt when attaching, undocking and storing your lenses correctly?Follow this tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to safely handle your lens and keep your equipment running smoothly for longer.

Learn how to take photos on the move with a DSLR camera;Follow the step by step

For this demonstration, we use the camera model Canon T3i and the Canon lens 18-55mm (objective more common in photo kits).

Model used:Canon T3i and the Canon 18-55mm lens (Photo: Heloisa Facin/TechTudo)

The moment you buy your camera, your lens comes undone from the body and it is you who needs to mount.Below, note that there is a white square in both the bayonet (type of “thread” used to join the two sides) of the lens and the silver rim of the camera body.Remember: Make sure that the equipment is turned off before performing the exchange, this prevents the existing electrical circuit between the lens and camera from being damaged.

Note the white dots when fitting your lens (Photo: Heloisa Facin/TechTudo)

Keep both squares in the same direction and notice that your lens will fit gently on the body of the machine.With this, make a short clockwise motion until you hear a click.Be careful.Never force the entrance, these equipment are sensitive and break easily.

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It is important to remember that in Nikon cameras the procedure is the same for the docking, with the only difference that the symbol is a white ball.Look:

The docking procedure for Nikon is the same. See the white mark. (Photo: Reproduction/Nikon)

To remove your lens safely from the camera, note that on the right side of the camera ( Nikon/Canon ) there is a half moon button close to the lens.Just press it as you begin to rotate the lens counterclockwise.Remember, do not pull or force the movement and always switch the machine off.

Press the button on the right side of the camera to undock your lens

Storing Your Lens

Photographic equipment, as a whole, requires special care in its use and storage.However, the lens is undoubtedly the most fragile and expensive part of your camera.A good way to store your lenses safely is to always keep them with the back and front protection cover when not in use, store them in a tightly sealed container (glass or plastic), with light, away from moisture and if possible With bags of silica anti-mold and anti-fungi inside the container.Just replace them when they are wet.Believe me, fungi can destroy your lens if they can reach them.

If using photo bags, keep all equipment properly separated and from time to time put the bag to catch some sun.This will help keep unwanted beings away from your lenses.Problems like these are more recurring in equipment we do not use very often.So always take them out of the closet every once in a while and use them, even if it’s in the house.

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If you use a bag to store your equipment, try to keep everything properly separated (Photo: Heloisa Facin/TechTudo)

Care when changing the lens and cleaning

When performing the objective exchange in outdoor environments, try to do it in places where there is not much wind, sand and water.Be as brief as possible.Because the camera has many electrical compartments, the generated magnetism ends up attracting more dirt at the junction between the two parts, which can cause smudges in your photos.So leave the house with only the equipment to use.

For lens cleaning, avoid using any tissue, alcohol, or water.They may end up spoiling your equipment rather than keeping it.Use photo kits.Air sprayers, special brushes, lens cleaning solution and paper and microfiber wipes are easily found for sale on the internet or in specialty stores.If you are in doubt when buying, choose the kit of the brand of your own camera.It may be a little more expensive, but it is always more guaranteed.

Do not be neurotic in wanting to clean the equipment with every use or if you are following everything perfectly.Remember:the most important thing is to venture out, enjoy your equipment and click on your memories in