How to Care for Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of the face, so you have to keep them always in order. And “in order” means not only taken but WELL taken and modeled according to the natural format that each one has.

There are also certain styles for the eyebrows as there are phases in which they are used thinner, thicker, etc. After all, there is a tendency for everything in this world! However, when it comes to eyebrows, the advice “do not flee from your style” could not be more serious.

To properly model the eyebrow it is necessary to leave it natural, taking only the excess. The figure shows how to find out if your eyebrow is the right size.

In an interview for the portal Uol, the eyebrow designer Internetdict teaches tricks to preserve the original design, highlight the face and enhance the look. Check out some tips and answers:

-keep the natural design;

-Cover faults with eyebrow pencils or powder shadows, always with color close to the tone of the threads;

-Straight tip forceps serve to remove excess hair; The fine-tipped ones are ideal for drawing work;

-Start the hair in the natural sense of growth;

-Always follow the trick of the brush / pencil so as not to miss the measure of the eyebrow, especially the region between the eyes;

-Even the thin, invisible threads must be removed, they pollute the eye without our noticing;

-Comb the eyebrow in the natural sense and trim the tip of the longest and most irregular hair;

-First remove the excesses from the bottom, then the top and bottom of the middle of the eyes

-It is easier to discover the original eyebrow drawing by looking at it from a distance

-Our eyebrows are usually different from each other, so we need to work the format well, so that the two are similar;

-Removing waxed hair may leave the eye area flaccid;

-Emla ointment helps relieve pain for those who suffer greatly at these times (apply 40 minutes before).

Important note: Color harmony also serves for eyebrows. If you dye your hair, do not forget to paint your eyebrows too-especially if your hair tone is very different from your original color of yarn.