How to Build a Shelter

Have you planned to spend the night outdoors you can often bring a tent of some kind and know how to set it up. But what to do if you have planned to sleep in any fixed guard or a cottage, and for some reason does not arrive or if you have gone astray and are forced to spend the night outdoors?

How to Build a Shelter

There are a variety of weather that one can take for safety sake, that is small enough to have the backpack. Below itypeauto presents some examples.


Bivouac sacks
bivy sacks are available in many different variants, the simplest is basically just a waterproof bag threading of the sleeping bag. The best models also have a bow that holds them up over your head, so you do not get the canvas on his face, and a mosquito net. Some also support the foot end. This particular model weighs about 1100 grams.

One can easily get a simple protection by putting up a tarp over the rope and stick it with a few pegs. Experienced hikers often take a tarp instead of a tent. A common plastic tarp works great. This tarp from Hillberg weighs about 700 grams.

If you are in a forest hiking, consider taking with a hammock. It gets you up off the ground and put you out of reach from various unpleasant animals. Once you’ve gotten used to it, it can give you the best night’s sleep you could want. Do you have a tarp over you can keep you dry too. Hammock in the picture is from the Hennessy Hammock and weighs about 1200 grams.

Trash bags
Frequently, heavy garbage bags can also work if you end up in trouble. If you have a couple of pieces you can put them together and insulate with leaves or grass. If they also with low Accessory cord, one can manufacture a single tarp of the waste bags.Trash bags are the easiest and cheapest option, but they can also quickly broken.Have you not sleeping with you, you can make a bed of pine boughs to insulate against the cold ground.