How Should Android M Be? This Is What We Expect at Google I/O

The Google I/o 2015 is already just around the corner, and as usual is within days of the Keynote network begins to fill with news, rumors and leaks about what the search engine company will present in its most important event of the year. Among these innovations one of the most eagerly awaited is Android M, the next great version of Google’s mobile operating system.

Android is a version which internally referred to as Macadamia Nut Cookie, although we know that in general these names in key just little having to do with the final. Today we will bring us up to date and listed you some of the more significant developments that are expected to bring this new version of Android.

More protection for our privacy

One of the keys to Android M could be their new security enhancements to protect both our privacy and our device. Of the first one I already spoke on Friday, and it would be possible native support for fingerprint readers that some manufacturers are beginning to equip their devices.

The second of these rumored that he might be a one-touch login to applications. It would be a system whereby we could automatically identify in our mobile applications that withstand it, and all without the need to introduce our passwords in them, thus restricting the access to our data.

Improvement in notifications

Notifications received a great wash face and new features in Android 5 Lollipop, but does not seem to have been sufficient, and are still one of the elements of Android that it is receiving more complaints users in recent months.

So it is not surprising that Android M It could bring further improvement in notifications. In various media refers to a unified system that will do that when we see a notification on your PC or any other device, they already do not appear on the rest of them. It is still early to know how successful are these rumors, but you know that when the river sounds…

Car and home

The vast majority of technology companies are betting on a future in which our homes earn the nickname smart, and where from our devices we can control a lot of elements and appliances. After the acquisition of Nest, it is likely that Google continue implementing improvements to Android in this field.

When during the next year they begin to market the first cars with Android Auto, these will need to be matched with Lollipop mobile phone access to music, maps, and other elements. A few months ago Reuters already began to point to which this would no longer be necessary When it began to get versions optimized for Android M cars.

Android Wear

Apple Watch has force started its journey, getting in a few days to reach one million units sold and surpassing the joint sales of all devices that are equipped with Google’s Android Wear. This won’t let you to the search engine company no choice but to innovate and implement new features to try to fight back.

Is so that almost no doubt that Android M will bring us new ways to interact with our Android Wear watches. These are possibly aimed at aspects such as notifications or voice commands, but also talked of making calls with our watch, and this possibly will come together with the presentation of new devices that claim to be surprised.


Google last year taught its new operating system in the I/o, but did not release it until the end of the year along with its new Nexus. This make us think that the strategy would be the same this year, but this does not have to be like that. After all, it is not expected that the new version of Android is going to be as revolutionary as the previous, and instead Android M focus to follow improving and making evolve Material Design.

Therefore, we should not rule out a fairly immediate official launch. While taking into account that despite being already in the middle of the 2015 Android Lollipop only 10% of devices, found in just since launch Android M until you reach the first flagships could well spend a few months more.

Therefore, if we want to continue being the last Android best still opt for the Nexus range. Indeed, today we have known that Android M will include ensuring that the Nexus arriving at end of year you will receive updates of the operating system for two years, and for three security updates.