How Many Disciplines are There in The Decathlon

In athletics, there are a lot of different disciplines, but some athletes are training more than one of these parts. It is all the more soldiers. In the women working these athletes to a total of seven different athletics, the men are as many as ten. When the female branch, we are talking in the all-around in the heptathlon at the men’s decathlon. All of these components are taken in two days and ask as much of the athlete. It is therefore not an exception to the contestants already stumbling over the measurement arrives at the last 1500 meters.


Tiokamp decathlon or a sports track for men. In two days there are as many as ten disciplines from athletics up. For each part the same rules as in the individual sports. Only in the throwing events and long jump athletes can only take three trials instead of six. Otherwise it would be too burdensome.
Every part of the ten contestants can earn points and collect the most points wins.
Since 1912, the decathlon is also an Olympic track.

Daily routines-Athletics

The ten contestants must finish a total of 10 athletics disciplines within two days. Below the fixed arrangement of the parts. There are four running events, three throwing events and three jumping events.
Day 1

  • 100 m
  • jump
  • high jump
  • 400 m

Day 2

  • 110 meters hurdles
  • diskus thrown
  • pole vault
  • 1500 meter

Points Calculation

For the calculation of the points tienkamp needed a system of formulas. Below you can in an instant for you.

  • Walk parts: points = a to the power of c where T is the elapsed time in seconds
  • Spring elements: points = a to the power of c, where M stands for the performance jump in centimeters
  • Molded components: points = a to the power of c where D is the casting distance in meters

A, b and c are parameters that vary per track and field number. The result of the calculation is rounded off in each case to the bottom.


The American Ashton Eaton holds the world record for the men to his name and this since June 2012. He graduated two days no less than 9039 points. In the women’s record is still the name of the Lithuanian Austra Skujytė and this with 8358 points.
When the Dutch and Belgians, there is only one record in the men known. When the Dutch State this in the name of Eelco Sintnicolaas. His record is 8506 points. The Belgian Hans van Alphen still do slightly better with 8519 points.

Well-known Dutch and Belgian Decathletes

Eelco Sintnicolaas
Eelco Sintnicolaas was born April 7, 1987, the Dutch Dordrecht. Young athlete running for a while now in the circuit and then also picked up a number of great prizes. In 2009 he became European champion in the decathlon neosenioren and 2010 he won silver at the European Championships in Barcelona.
Hans Van Alphen
Hans van Alphen was born January 12, 1982. He went all out for the past few years his sport, but he did it either in connection with studies and work. It makes Van Alphen a character man. He is a Belgian record holder in the decathlon and the World Championships in Osaka, he earned a fine eleventh. In 2012, he put an amazing fourth place at the Olympic Games to it!
Thomas van der Plaetsen
Thomas van der Plaetsen is still one of the young among more soldiers. He was born December 24, 1990 and in this Ghent. At age 19, he had already captured the gold medal at the European Championships for juniors and 2011 he won the European title for athletes under 23 years.