How does Running Improve Your Fitness Level

Is your state on the backburner? Do you have ambitions to one day run the marathon? Or do you want from sports still going to do something about those extra kilos?? s? If you are not a professional athlete, but still want to improve your fitness, then start to run may be something for you. Sports in. Exercise is necessary. Walking is healthy.

Why go?

Why we do not sport, it still seems simple. Many people like to go, but do not know how to get started. How many kilometers you need to walk per day? Which rate should you keep? And why would you choose to go? Running is a sport that does not require much equipment. Besides a couple of decent shoes you only have one training / shorts / t-shirt required. You do not go sports. You can easily do it on your own, on the street. Of course, you do not like to be alone? Find a walking partner or join jogsessies organized in different places.

Exercise?? S

The purpose of the start to run are within a maximum of 14 weeks, five kilometers walk without stopping.
How many kilometers do I need to run on the first day? And how long should I keep it? If you’ve never been, it is important that the training?? is good to follow. If you stick to it, anyone, regardless of age, 7, 10, 12 or 14 weeks to build an acceptable condition. After 6 weeks you will be able to walk about 3 km on a single piece of hard.
Every beginning is difficult, but if you are motivated to go much further. Imagine, at the beginning the goal. This need not be the marathon: 5K walk without stopping is an accomplishment.
With interval training, you slowly build up your fitness. Absolute beginners???? start with 1min walking, hiking 3min gradual and varied, half an hour. Per week do you train three times, so every time you load a day of rest after a training.

Alone or in a Group?

Do you go alone, there are three ways to get started:

  • Through the book?? commencing?? : The latest edition of this book is an update of commencing with new operating schedules, and recipes. Here you will find step-by-step exercises and useful health tips. The book also includes a podcast, expressed by Evy Gruyaert and graced with music
  • Ladda ner körschemat?? s på Soon-to-run
  • Through Running Coach ©: download recorded courses directly on your I-Pod or MP3. Put on your running shoes, grab your MP3 player, and listen to what you’re doing: you are told to go to the music when you are running, walking, just walk up or down. In the Netherlands, you listen to the voice of Renate Wennemars in Belgium Evy Gruyaert sound in the ears.

Are you afraid that you do not hold out alone? Then go in groups the perfect way to keep you motivated.Additionally, you can exchange experiences with other runners and get expert guidance. Both in Belgium and in the Netherlands, you can subscribe to different places and times through or

Warming Up & Cooling Down: An Absolute Must

For each meeting shall begin to run, it is of utmost importance to warm up your muscles. This is necessary to reduce the risk of injuries.
Is your last session? Make sure you do some stretching exercises so that your muscles the next day did not really feel stiff.

Some Tips To Persevere

  • Try hard sports days???? to plan your weekly schedule. You can then easily this into account when you catch activities
  • If you think you will stick with it only difficult, try to go in company
  • Try program?? s as good as possible to follow and do not go out ahead: slowly building in need
  • Try as she went head?? empty?? do your workout before you know beyond
  • Listen to your body: recurrent pain may indicate damage. Win, if necessary, doctor.
  • If you are really too tired, it’s okay to turn even a workout. Pick up your goal a week later, that’s fine. But do not make a habit of this.