How Do I Choose My Tablet?

Technology lovers certainly dream of having a tablet, if they do not already have it. Our article will help you choose the ideal tabletfor your profile, taking into account everything you can find in this modern device.

How Do I Choose My Tablet?

Check everything you need to know to know the best tablet, or the one that meets you in cost and benefit.

There are several manufacturers, among them are:

  • Apple – It was the creator of this type of device, when launching the iPad. It is responsible for dominating about 60% of the market for these handsets.
  • Samsung – It is another great brand and choice of good choice with its Galaxy series.
  • There are other options like the Motorola company Xoom; Toshiba’s Thrive; the Fire of Amazon and today appeared the Nexus of Google.

See below for all major items to be reviewed prior to your choice.


Perhaps the most important item to be analyzed, the size of the screen is the main attraction of this device, note the other characteristics, capacitive screens, which are more sensitive to touch and resistive screens, they have layers for a greater resistance of the same, which leads to the need for a firmer touch on the screen.

Operational system

Among the main competitors we highlight the iPad with its iOS system, while the Androids use a system specially created for the tablets.

The iOS system is much lighter and more stable, while Android has as its main attraction the excellent integration with all Google services.

My Account

Another point too important. You certainly do not want a tablet just for wanting, you will certainly choose to have it with more tool options and applications that suit you the best way possible.

Both platforms have excellent variety of applications, but in the case of Android, the smallest bureaucracy to develop them makes the offer much larger. In terms of the quality of the applications, in both platforms it is necessary to select well what will be installed, especially if the chosen applications are paid.

Technical assistance

In this question we find the main difference between low price and high value tablets. With much more extensive support and much more effective services, top-of-the-line models take advantage.

The tip that we can give in this question is that before buying the tablet, call for assistance of each brand to know how your service will be in a possible need.

Final analises

The bottom line we’ve come to regarding the tablet’s best option is that in all brands and options you may encounter problems and shortcomings. Not always a low cost is a sign of economy, not always the most expensive will be your best option.

We encourage you to do a lot of research on what you’re looking for functionality on your tablet, which is the real function you’re looking to use on this device. Once you know what you’re looking for, you just have to look at the features of each one, plus options for apps to make sure you choose what you’re going to have to meet. We come to the end of this article and hope to have helped everyone make the best choice!