How Children’s Toys and Some Games Happened

How did the dolls

Many rumors suggest that the earliest clay statues considered as dolls may have been made by Homo Sapiens more than 40,000 years ago in Africa and Asia but initially would be used with a ritualistic idea. And the existing transition from dolls to toy idols ended up happening in Egypt more than 5000 years ago.

The little trains, when invented

One of the great admirers of trains was Napoleon III, who was the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte elected president of France during the year 1848 and who more than three years later would have become emperor. The first electric train that was invented was created in the year 1835 by a New York blacksmith, which was made up of traces of old trains.

The toy carts and the

We can mention that the carts appeared at the same time as the original cars, all this appeared during the first years of the 20th century. In the case of autorama we have his invention that happened in England in the year 1956 only.

The bicycles

It was in the year 1790 that a French count who was called Sivrac eventually created the so-called Celerífero, ie CELER = FAST, RAIN = TRANSPORT. This was a rudimentary wooden bike that still did not count on pedals and even with chains being pushed with the feet on the ground and made the greatest success.

The top

The top would have arisen more than 3,000 years before Christ in Babylon, they were made of clay and still had borders decorated with animal and human forms or still with reliefs.

The music boxes

The Swiss made the first music boxes in around in the year 1770, using the knowledge they had in the clock making, creating a type of mechanism that had a metal-toothed comb that tapped on a cylinder that rotated on gears of rope clock where a different song played, an interesting and brilliant creation.