Household Electricity Saving Tips

In the media you can read a lot about the steeply rising electricity prices in the last few months. The EEG levy should be a term for most readers and the name of our Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier is also common to apolitical people. For example, it recently announced that the EEG apportionment would be covered, as this would be driven too much by various factors.

However, as a rising current price can be counteracted, only a fraction of these reports are mentioned. Most often you find the tip of the provider change. A price comparison of electricity suppliers can certainly save a few hundred euros a year, but it is still best to use less electricity.

This opinion also represents Stiftung Warentest in its February issue. In this issue, the auditor is concerned with various ways to save energy in the household and gives the respective savings in euros per year. The calculations are based on an average four-person household and an electricity price of 27 cents per kilowatt hour.

Electricity For Shower And Heating

When you shower, many think of water saving. Basically correct, however, it is only the saving of warm water meaningful. Electricity is needed and consumed for the heating of the water. An exact shower time, Stiftung Warentest did not state in his test, but they proceed from about 1000 shower procedures per year and thus calculate electricity costs of 635 euros. These can be reduced by the use of a Sparduschkopf and the shutdown of the water with the Einsoifen to around 210 euro a year. This corresponds to a saving efficiency of 66%.

If you freeze in winter, you should not rely on an electronic heating fan, but instead optimize its central heating. What the auditor understands exactly as “optimized central heating” is not explained in detail, but heating radiators, for example, allow the heating to be heated much more efficiently. Thus a saving of 200 euros per year or a percentage change of 74% is calculated. More tips on the right heating are available at

Multimedia Electronics Offers Further Potential Savings

Most people have now replaced their tube televisions with a new, flatter model.Certainly, the main part has an eye on the entertainment value of an HD TV, but in addition to the better picture quality, the newer TVs also offer a lower power consumption. So you can save up to 32 euros a year.

Switching from the desktop computer to the notebook is also a technical step for many. However, this exchange also saves almost 30 euros a year.

By using a multi-function router, which is router, DSL modem, telephone, answering machine and fax in one, 36 euros per year can be saved in electricity costs.

Electricity emitters should be replaced

The fridge is used in many households 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is important that the device consume as little power as possible. By exchanging an old refrigerator-freezer combination (efficiency class B) against a new one (efficiency class A+++), up to 65 euros can be saved annually.

Even older clothes dryers do not only perform quite loudly, but also consume an excessive amount of electricity. Here the change to a new device can save up to 86 euros a year.

However, the largest, mostly still unused electricity potential lies in the field of artificial light. For as soon as it gets dark outside, the lamps are switched on in the households, and only when they go to sleep will they go out again. The power consumption of old incandescent lamps is very high, which is why they should be exchanged for sparl lamps. A few years ago, energy saving lamps were particularly praised, but now you should rather rely on LED lamps because they are even more efficient based on Estaterealest. This makes it possible to save over 200 euros a year.

In its report, the Stiftung Warentest therefore particularly refers to the new purchase of electrical appliances. Certainly, this is an initial investment, which, however, is fully amortized over the course of its useful life and saves further money.