Honor 7 in the Test: The Smart Alternative?

With the honor of 7 Huawei has landed a hit at least, when measured by the pre-orders in the first week. Nine million Chinese wanted to have it immediately. The recipe for success: Lush equipment meets a small price and the technology is in a metal housing. Is the honor of 7 at the end of the clever, alternative to the premium product Huawei Mate S from private home because significantly more favourable? After all, the almost same chipset on the go brings both Android smartphones.

Design: metal instead of glass

While the honor of 6 glass is determined, is the honor of 7 in an aluminum unibody, resembling a scaled down version of the Huawei Mate 7. Slightly rounded at the edges, it sits comfortably in the hand and feels high quality. However the framework does not stretch to the display and in side view, it looks like a thick slice would be set up. This design and the stately weight ensure that the honor of 7 appears not quite as refined as the expensive competition. The pages accommodate an additional hardware button, which can be free to demonstrate in addition to the mandatory volume buttons and a grooved power button. On the front, give the Chinese a home button, ship the activated from almost any angle and precisely functioning fingerprint sensor to the rear. Awkward intervention to unlock is eliminated effectively in everyday life.

Honor 7 in detail

5.2 inch LCD display

In the honor of 7 is a 5.2-inch tall IPS LCD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is protected by Gorilla glass 3. The image is sharp (424 ppi) and bright (491 cd / m ²) as for the Huawei Mate S. Nevertheless lack the power to shine against bright sunlight. The contrast is indeed better than iphone 6S and iphone 6S with 1.107: 1 plus, but due to the inherent value of black (LCD screens are illuminated from behind, amoleds can turn off pixels) not quite as crisp as with AMOLED displays. For comparison: at the mate S, the Laboratory determined a contrast ratio of 2.111: 1

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It must be not always a Smartphone by Apple and Samsung: honor with the model 7 offers an interesting alternative. The smart alternative? Honor 7 in the test

Inner values: eight core

The in-house processor is used, indicating the clock in the mate of S with the 935 hisilicon Kirin. Indeed, little speed difference to the more expensive relationship are to make out. Eight computing cores (four with 2.2 and four more at 1.5 gigahertz) ensures a fast pace. Also the lush memory of 3 gigabytes (GB) is helping. What happens on the modified Android-5.0-lollipop Interface responds promptly to input and is liquid. The Antutu benchmark revealed around 44.150 points. A good value that heaves the honor of 7 in comparison was not in the leading position, from there continue to greet the Samsung Galaxy S6.


While buyers in China between an internal memory of 16 or 64 gigabytes (GB), the honor of 7 in Europe (first) appears in the limited 16-GB version. The pre-installed software reduced the usable memory to 10.46 gigabytes. Microsd card you retrofit on request up to 128 GB. But not every software lets outsource on the memory card. As a result of the combined pit, you have to decide between additional memory and a second SIM card. Still, the honor of 7 thus offers an advantage to the mate S, which accepts only memory cards.

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As current memory serves a tightly fitted rich 3,100 mah battery. This has not only positive consequences: 8.5 mm height are though not excessive, but the honor of 7 with 11.2 millimeters is quite at the thickest point. And appropriate 164 grams are only compared to the heavy iphone 6 S plus as easy to call. Not carry the ballast with himself, however when compared to the slender mate S the honor 7 lasts longer much. For intensive use in the Our site profile non-system mate like 7: 10.5 hours, three hours longer than the mate S, but 3.5 hours less than great. In the profile with moderate use the honor of 7 remained silent nearly 32 hours at reception, which is mate S 9 hours at the time. It should be even close: the battery is fully charged using the quick charge function after less than two hours. Nice gimmick: as the Huawei P8, donates the honor of 7 with the reverse charging function some battery juice and turns into a mobile power Bank.

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Camera: looks pretty good!

Selfie fans come for the honor of 7 at their expense. The resolution is quite high with 8 megapixels. The fact that only the Huawei P8 in the Visual test came away somewhat better is more important. Per slider vanish wrinkles and superfluous kilos. You should not make the latter prior to straight lines. This is telltale bulges in the architecture. There’s even an LED flash for party self portraits. On the back, the protruding camera ensures the great height. For this, the quality of the 20 megapixel camera is thoroughly enjoyable. In the assessment of photos during daylight hours only the iphones and the Lumia photo cronies pass. And even in poor lighting conditions, the mate sees well not Sun S. Various photo modes ensure variety and a smile. So the good food conjures up setting itself from the most sausage bread a little artwork for Instagram & co. In the event that you have a 4K-Fernseher, there is a small downside: videos can be turned up in full-HD resolution, 4K-Aufnahmen are not possible.

Reception and sound

4.1 Bluetooth and GPS are provided of the honor of 7 in addition to Wi-Fi-ac, even LTE with CAT4, which allows downloads up to 150 megabits per second (Mbit / s). Pleasing for Vodafone and O2 customers and surfers from the country: different than its predecessor and the P8, the honor of 7 covers an 800 megahertz (mhz) frequency range. There is not a NFC function. The laboratory could prove no weaknesses in the sending and receiving, however, the SAR value is increased and the 5-ghz WLAN the honor did not recognize 7 high channels. The sound on the supplied headphones was: does not exist. There is no! Regardless of the sound from the headphone output and on the phone was good.

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The most important new devices

Gestenreicher finger

The back finger print sensor worked quickly in the test and is also used to control the device using swipe gestures, for example, to invoke the notification box, or a list of all active apps quickly. For easier operation with one hand, the scroll with a swipe gesture can be smaller.

Huawei expanding

Huawei’s new smartphone brand honor participates in this country since the start in October 2014 and it has presented a remarkable pace: just one month after the honor of 6 in Germany appeared, the company with the honor of 3 C has already produced the next device. In February 2015, the third Smartphone for the German market followed with the honor Holly. And now is already the fourth device in the wings with the honor of 7. It is as the name already says 6 to be the direct successor of the honor

Conclusion: honor 7

The honor 7 is not a fragile, lightweight pretty boy, but rather a somewhat bulky, solid Smartphone. However, like the aluminum enclosure. It holds with S at pace with the more expensive mate, the cheap honor 7 is even noticeably superior photo quality and battery life. For cool calculators a round package.