Home Decor: Wall clock

Tic tac, tic tac… it’s escrapear time!

and on this occasion we will do so using decoupage techniques. What do you think?

The simple and easy are applying will surprise you.

In my tutorial I explain in detail the techniques I used to decorate this beautiful wall clock.

I’ll give at the beginning and with detail photos of my finished clock to serve you inspiration if you decide to decorate your own.

You’ll see that I used papers and die-cuts in the happy holidays from Gigietmoi collection, guarantee of a result… super Kookie Kookie!

See you next!




The wooden stand wall clock that I decorated like showing on Itypetravel.com.

Small house-shaped and measures (without pendulums) are: 21 cm wide x 23.5 cm high.

The first thing I did was remove all parts and save them that belonged to the machinery of the clock.

Then I sanded the casita and pendulums to remove all imperfections that often have wood untreated.

Once sanded, gave you to three parts a very fine layer of Gesso.

It is a filler that I use to protect wood from moisture that has acrylic paint and decoupage glue.

I gave him a couple of layers of acrylic paint to the side and rear part of the House, and also to the pendulums.

I decided that I wanted to cover with scrap paper across the front of the House.

To do this, cut its 1cm large silhouette.

Decoupage papers, like the role of scrap before pasting with glue on the wood, should be wet.

This is done so that the paper is saturated water and stick without forming wrinkles.

I dipped the piece trimmed in a water-filled expanded polystyrene tray for about 10 seconds.

Then I used paper towels to absorb excess water.

Now, the role of scrap has lost its initial rigidity and has been perfect to be glued.

The queue that I use is the typical white glue diluted with a little water.

I prepare the mixture until it stays with the liquid yogurt-like texture.

I stretched out the tail with a fine brush from the back of the paper, in radial form and from the Center.

I put the paper on the House.

With the help of a clean cloth I pushed the paper on the wood to avoid the formation of air pockets.

Once joined the paper and the House I put them to dry 24 hours.

I did it under too much weight so that they run dry without imperfections (placing them directly on a good mountain of heavy books was sufficient).

Last 24 h cut with cutter the piece of scrap paper.

And I sanded the edges to make paper and wood were perfectly integrated.

The hole of the hands was hidden under the paper.

With the help of a punch and a cutter I agujereé role in the place that was.

The surface is now ready to be decorated to your taste.

L’imagination au pouvoir!

Once finished it decorate reposition the machinery and the clock hands.