History of The Original Rules of Golf

Many a day for the first time today “Golf Rules” will face scared out of their wits. How is it possible that a game has so many rules? Who made up all together? Here’s the rub. For all that they do not suddenly from nowhere came up, but knowing hand in hand with the development of golf a century-long history.

The Origins Of Golf

The golf game is not built in a day. All ancient writings of the Egyptians, Romans, Persians and Greeks mention the golf-like game. The road from the game in their prototypes went through countries and cultures during difficult times and prosperity through the bitter cold and heat, as well as rich and poor.Anytime, anywhere applied it to himself, as appropriate, to the practitioners. Here and there made it a little hope, and it was something other than golf, such as croquet and polo, but the development of the golf game itself went through. In the new history of fighting the Scots and the Dutch in honor of the origin of golf. For example, the Dutch version?? Colven?? among other things, played by Willem Barents crew of Novaya Zemlya, at the end of the sixteenth century.

The First Rules Of The Game

Hand in hand with the game rules formed. A game is now a time of grace rules, even if there is just one. And it was in Scotland that the first wave lines on the paper was entrusted in 1744; thirteen in total. Apparently convinced that the number is under the conditions of that time. There was something said about the first battle to play, what to do if the ball was lost, or those in water or water dredging???? came. And restrictions were imposed on what we now call an improvement of the situation. They were simple, these rules, and cards.

Giant step

Great progress has been made in the development of the rules of golf during the years 1744, 1897 and 1952. As already mentioned, was in 1744 for the first thirteen rules of golf on paper. This was done by the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith. One and a half centuries, these rules of golf was a guide for golf clubs, which they freely adapted to their jobs, which was the single matchplay game shape. In 1897, the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, founded the Rules Committee, and the Committee introduced two years later, the American rule organization USGA adopted first generally applicable Rules of Golf????. In this first edition came a chapter of stroke. Half a century after 1897, the two world wars later took a major revision of the Rules???? worldwide golf noses in like manner. A review in 1952, in collaboration with the USGA, was completed and from 9 etiquette, definitions 34 and 41 rules existed.


Today exist “Rules of Golf” from 62 definitions, five general rules of etiquette and rules 34; and also from local regulations, decisions and competition rules. Assessed according to the rules???? a joint reflection moments of the R & A and USGA, during which practical experience and new insights while staying there every other year.Immediate adjustments are recognized in the cast of biennial decisions, and every four years be any changes in work Golf???? conducted and published.

A new Rule Book Four Years

Through these regular adjustments, it is also wise for recreational golfers every four years a new brochure with work Golf???? or Dutch?? Golf Rules ?? to chop in the bag; The next issue will appear in 2016. And especially to consult with the changes that have been brought together neatly in the booklet in a separate chapter. This prevents red around the jaws, when a teammate or opponent golfer indicates a violation because of a new rule change. For tournament players, it is also valuable?? i.e. required!?? is to inform the two years of the new decision. Often, private golf club this attention through publications and meetings, but also on the websites of the Dutch Golf Federation and R & A golfer can go for this.