History of Sepp Blatter

In 2011 he took the 65th spot on the magazine list of most powerful people in the world Forbes: Sepp Blatter, since 1998 president of Fifa. In 2011, world soccer was facing corruption scandals and it brought Blatter re-election in jeopardy. Many believe he is involved in bribery scandals, but the 76-year-old Blatter do not budge and said the current deadline to sit until 2015.

Joseph S. Blatter was born March 10, 1936 in a small village of Visp in Switzerland. As a student of economics and business in Lausanne, he was a keen amateur footballer and hockey player.After graduation, he was head of public relations for the local tourist office in his native Valais. He was General Secretary of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation.


His next career move was in the luxury watch brand Longines, where he also deal with public relations. From that position, he was involved in the organization of the Olympic Games 1972. 1975 he joined FIFA in order to maintain including contacts with major sponsors like Coca Cola.


In 1974, the Brazilian João Havelange conservative Briton Sir Stanley Rous as FIFA President. He wanted to get a breath of fresh air. Football would be more commercial and Havelange, Blatter saw in its perfection right. Blatter wanted to use his role as a favorite-of-the-president and gathered in the shade more and more influence. His nickname was yet?? son Havelange??.


Blatter wanted to go ahead and saw themselves as the General Secretary of FIFA. In fact, the second position in the Union. In the new ambition to get more commercialism within FIFA, the sponsors also become more influential.Adidas was a major sponsor and CEO Dassler regretted the lack of cooperation from the then Secretary-General Kaeser, a decent driver and then, Blatter’s father. Blatter sawn secret successfully participated in the legs from Kaeser. Havelange would dismiss old Kaeser 1980 in favor of Blatter. And Adidas.

African Act

Until 1998 would continue Blatter Secretary General, but especially in recent years he has worked for the next step: the presidency. Havelange had in the late eighties had its day, it felt more and more national football administrators. Especially the EU. Blatter smelled his chance and began lobbying for the 1994 presidential election, against Havelange. It was clear to him that Europe is too narrowly based and therefore he focused on African football administrators. He promised them that the African teams would be easier in the final of the World Cup under his control. Havelange, however, proved to be a cunning fox by just before the election to the promise that the number of participating countries in 1998 would increase from 24 to 32. The African and Asian directors then voted on the Brazilian.
The ratio of Havelange and Blatter have not really suffered. In the 1998 election, the Brazilian also gave its support to Blatter. The 81-year-old Havelange took it after 24 years enough and resigned.


Blatter also had in 1998 a formidable opponent; Chairman of the Football Association, the Swede Lennart Johansson. The presidential candidate had the intention rumors Skulduggery and corruption to the bottom to find out. Insiders are therefore expected that he would become the new president, but to everyone’s surprise, Blatter was still the winner. During the FIFA Congress in June 1998, twenty African delegates suddenly Blatter. This then immediately promised to protect football undue influences from politics and business.

Offers for

During the reign of Havelange was FIFA considerably from twelve employees in 1974 to a large global organization with hundreds of employees. The trade had made their appearance. Institute of International Sport and Leisure arranged sponsorship of FIFA with major international companies. The Committee was also 25% attractive to ISL, an organization founded by the Dassler Adidas CEO. The rumors of bribes in these shops are very persistent.


Blatter had not yet acceded to, or stories about bribery and corruption took quickly. For example, the African delegates would suddenly who voted for him in 1998 was?? 35 000 is obtained. This money would again come from Qatar to the oil state rising to everyone’s surprise, was elected in 2010 to the organizer of the world championship in 2020. The country has 6,500 registered footballers and the normal summer temperatures above 40 ℃. Interesting detail: FIFA driver who arranged the Qatar tournament, was also responsible for financing Blatter’s election in 1998. When in 2011 was nominated for the presidency, he sat on the sidelines dry Blatter.


Critical journalists and frank FIFA Directors hard pushed aside by Blatter. Press conferences are not available for journalists who want to investigate the events of FIFA properly. General Secretary Michel Zen-Rufifinen presented in 2002, the year that Blatter’s re-election, a damning report. Conclusion: FIFA was a financial mess. The result was typical. Blatter continued Zen Rufifinen forced to leave.


Meanwhile, rumors of corruption appears to increase sharply. For Blatter, seriously since 2011 sponsors began to complain publicly. For this he will be troubled. Visa, Adidas and Coca-Cola gave on the eve of the 61st FIFA Congress in Zurich Kritis Union because of the persistent allegations of corruption. Visa also wanted to reform within FIFA.


Despite all the accusations Blatter knew that his rival in the last elections in June 2011 again to turn effortlessly.Now, he admitted that the corruption scandals have led to a crisis within FIFA. Experts expect that Blatter by increasing pressure from sponsors will make a clean sweep. Who knows. 2015 may be the rest of the period Blatter’s final.