History of Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova is considered one of the greatest tennis icons of history. They won all Grand Slam titles in both singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Total won the left-handed Czech only 167 titles in 1442 and celebrations. They only lost 219 games and single player is a winning percentage of 87%. She played 33 years of professional tennis to her 50th.


Martina?? ubertová grew up south of Prague. She later changed its name to Navratilova, as her stepfather and also the first tennis coach. Wink and she became Czechoslovakia’s best tennis star. From 1973 she joined the pro circuit. But she got more and more problems with exit visas if they had played in hostile????USA. After the US Open in 1975 Navratilova decided to remain in America and seek asylum, as she was quite quickly granted.
Prof Career
Soon belonged to left-handed power player among the world. Often she played her beloved serve-volley game. That she was particularly successful in the fast grass at Wimbledon. In the first part of her career she fought in many battles with Chris Evert and hit her in as many as 60 finals, including 14 Grand Slam finals. After winning his first Grand Slam final Navratilova solved their biggest competitor Evert as No. 1 in the world. After saying goodbye to Evert was the German Steffi Graff its largest competitor. On 16 August 1987 Navratilova was last at No. 1. They had a whopping 332 weeks at number stood. Only Steffi Graf has stood longer number one.
But as a doubles player Martina Navratilova belonged for years to the world. She won 31 Grand Slam titles in the women’s doubles and 10 mixed doubles in addition to his 18 titles in singles. Spread across all Grand Slam tournaments that one ?? Boxed Set?? in all categories. This milestone they achieved to get her mixed doubles title in Australia in 2003 as a 46 year old. This unique record she shares with Doris Hart and Margaret Court. This underlines not only its versatility but also her willpower. Not everyone wins because almost 50 years old, the US Open in mixed doubles. A wonderful moment to say goodbye after 33 years of top-level tennis.
The battle of the sexes
On September 25, 1992 Jimmy Connors and Martina Navratilova played a match against each other. The rules were the “man-to-woman” competition somewhat modified. Jimmy Connors was not entitled to a second service.Martina Navratilova can also use the bit normally used for double. The first set went far deadlock, but Connors won 7-5. In the second set Navratilova was not a party to provide more and Connors won 6-2 and thus the game.
The character of Navratilova was often controversial. Her tennis was at times precarious, partly because of the frequent outbursts of anger on the job. Also next to the tennis court showed Martina Navratilova in talking. She came late 70s openly to his homosexuality. It was then, to say the least, revolutionary for a sports superstar of world stature. Then she would often distribute gay rights and was open vegetarian. But she was too forgiving to their homeland. When communism and anti-Western stance had finally disappeared from the Czech Republic, took her back to the Czech citizens.