Her Swag: They Cap

Camila Senna

In the latest fashion shows in Paris, brands such as the iconic Chanel presented a new concept of using luxury and casual. The sneakers and pochettes appeared to complete looks with fine fabrics and also pieces that give a touch of glamor to the production, that is, a contrast never risky before.


In Brazil, these accessories that are much used in fitness wear, gain even greater proportions, since the musical styles rap, hip hop and funk are in great rise.

Of course, fashion and music are markets linked directly, and especially with so many inspiring personalities that show us different ways of wearing clothes and varying styles. Now brands that have never imagined caps on their lines are taking advantage of this to increase the range of their products, and of course, take advantage of the icons that give courage and inspire women to be what they are and value themselves, conveying their image With their brands.

Well, out there the insertion of the caps was in looks full of style and glamor, but it is still risky and feared by some women, is not it girls?! So, the easiest and most used way has been in stripped looks.

Destroyed pants, shirts, skirts and jeans shorts are great combinations. Abuse of different accessories, and the maxi will give all the necessary difference to the look in threergroup.com!

And you, already tested your looks with caps?

Enjoy this giant wave and play in this super jovial and stripped trend!