Great, What Makeup Can Do: Tricks of the Hollywood Stars

Make up tricks for making up:top make-up artist Horst Kirchberger explains with what tricks Hollywood celebrities instantly more beautiful magic

With drooping eyelids, eye shadow opens the look

Speaking of drooping eyelid if the movable part of the upper lids – such as Jessica Biel – with an open eye is not visible. To open the view, reveals the Munich star make-up artist Horst Kirchberger (works including Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer) three tricks. First: give the eye area more distance, by a touch of concealer along the Zygoma direction eyebrow DAB with a fingertip. Second: make-up only the visible area between eyelid crease and brow. The middle part directly through the pupil Gets a light swab eyeshadow. Shade the inner and outer lid in a darker shade of high up to the brows. Third: mid-lid, pull an expectant after outside wide Kajallinie and apply the eyelashes up stronger than below, preferably with a XXL mascara.

Rouge distracts from the double chin

Tend to like the faces of Kirsten Dunst Proppere to the double chin because the game below the Chin and jaw bone is usually fairly well padded. Rouge in the right places ensures more contour. A Rouge powder with a light and a slightly darker half is ideal. First the lighter tone of Rouge below the cheekbones is applied. Delete direction with the brush from the bottom Temple. With the slightly darker shade of Rouge shade the soft “adjourned game” below the Chin and jaw bone: This works best with a thick, flat round brush, press down under the Chin from the Center up to the ears in many small tapping motions with the tips against the skin. Then front neck, left and right of the larynx, color down pull the shade with a touch and expire, thus the neck is slightly narrower. Horst Kirchberger: “the tip of the Chin itself should remain bright, then the game moves among them even more into the background.”

Do be careful, these makeup mistakes older!

Soft sheen helps against eye wrinkles

First wrinkles appear, on how with Jodie Foster, mostly around the eyes, but visually smooth with shimmer effect. Applying the primer on the entire face first and work well they particularly below the eye. Now on the increase of the cheek bone distribute a concealer with light-reflecting pigments, the thin and flat DAB with a fingertip on the wrinkles. Diagonally below show the Rouge – outside contact with the brush and middle of the cheek powder. Kirchberg: “emphasize in addition the brewing. That draws the eye away from the wrinkles. Stricheln the BREW with a fine PIN to and extend them to the outside. Then draw a narrow eyeliner. The eye shadow like in the drooping eyelid place – in the Middle brighter, inside and outside darker. ”

The brewing need swing hanging eye

In some women, the outer corner of the eye leans slightly down. In the case of Katie Holmes Horst Kirchberger explains how to control against: “the important thing is the form of brewing, which should run in an elegant arc. That lifts ‘ automatically also the eye position. The highest point is above the outer corner of the eye, the outer third of the brow is running then narrow being only slightly lowered from. Highlighter under the brow enhances the lifting effect. Sparingly use dark eyeshadow, indeed, that he runs outside diagonally up towards end of brewing and visually not pushing on the corner of the eye. Place you about the pupil in the pencil and draw a wider growing outward contour. It is the eye optically straight. Concealer which circular is distributed under the corners with a fingertip and brightens the game has the same task. In the middle of the cheek as freshness effect distribute tender Rouge.”

Thin lips are full new contours

If full lower lip than the upper lip, like January Jones, you can cheat by playing with the contours. Horst Berger Kirch’s Tip: “make the edge of the lower lip with skincolored concealer or Foundation invisible. Draw a line below the natural lip contour with lip liner in the color of lipstick. Start in the middle of the lip, here lies the lowest point, and paint each up to the corner of the mouth. Then paint the lip up to the new contour with lipstick. “To the larger view ‘ of the upper lip draw a line on the outer contour of the upper lip of the mouth to the highest point of the lip positing.”