Google Shows Video a Brief History of The Eggs for Easter of Android

Android is wrapped in traditions. With each major update opens a new name of a sweet or dessert and placed his sculpture at the offices of Google. But these two are not the only two traditions also are the Easter eggs.

Each new dessert Android brings with it a new Easter egg. What makes many of us just update our device go running to the system settings to discover their new Easter egg.

Easter egg began as a joke with Android 2.3 Ginberbread [2010] with their “Zombie Art by Jack Larson”, but the Android team after each new major version followed by adding a new Easter egg to become a tradition. After the Gingerbread zombie became the image of a bee’s Honeycomb. Then with Ice Cream Sandwich arrived animation of ice cream sandwiches to the Nyan Cat. In Jelly Bean lanzabamos these beans candy made out of the screen. With Kit Kat, we saw a mosaic that were appearing all versions of Android. Lollipop we had a version of the game Flappy Bird filled with lollipops and starred in Android.

The Nat and the Google channel have made a brief history of Easter eggs of Android, inviting us to discover very soon the new Easter egg of Marshmallow which will start to reach the first devices already this week.

If there is someone who still doesn’t know how access to Android Easter egg only have to go to settings > phone information, and press many times in “Version of Android”.