Golden Wedding Decorations and Ideas for an Elegant Reception

Golden Wedding, here are many decorations and ideas for an elegant reception. Among the trends to 2015 this year are in the “gold” . If you would like to arrange a refined and chic ceremony, involving making decorations and creative ideas that have a certain style, a must to follow is the gold color, retro and atmospheric tones. The important thing is to choose special ornaments to make Church and the location chosen to celebrate!

All details are carefully designed to create an atmosphere in keeping with the theme of your perfect day. The elegant reception decorations should be gold in color with some particular detail white. The secret is to create a sophisticated mood: you can play, mixing it with white, the most popular color for wedding, elegant and classic. So you start with a white base and on this you should enter one of the most beloved colors gold ideas in setting up their marriage, that for spring of 2015 is back even more overpowering in vogue: we declined the bridesmaids dresses, wedding invitations, floral decorations, to act as a background to revive the wedding menu. The gold represents the grace and refinement!

An inspiration conceived not only to exhibitions, but also for the look of the bride and groom. From gold-colored silk ribbon around the waist to close the wedding dress, unless you decide to use it as nuance for the entire length, passing through the bouquet, the white tablecloth with elegant gold napkins and plates with fine details of the same color. For an evening reception you can sprinkle the white linen tablecloth with a shower of gold stars, butterfly gold wedding menu or enter directly, to the elegant cake bicolor (gold and white) and yellow balloons that can fill the location chosen to give a fun element to the ceremony.

For a wedding in gold always remember that simplicity is the winning choice, otherwise you risk creating a mood of excessive opulence. You can also give a touch of glitter to your wedding, with a splash of gold. This color palette is suitable for wedding, romantic and vintage-looking very glamorous. Look out Relationshipsplus of wedding reception, of compositions of white flowers such as hydrangeas and calla lilies, to insert into the pots of gold design.

We see in Photo Gallery some decorations and special gold wedding ideas!