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Glossary of Aesthetics, What You Should Know

Aesthetics has many associated terms. Check here for the main meanings and know what they mean if you are thinking to make a beauty treatment.


Hyaluronic acid: substance that provides moisture to the skin. In some procedures is injected to fill creasing or grooves.

Abdominoplasty: surgical procedure, where extracted excess skin of the abdomen and in some cases also the fat in that area.


Bands of heat: heat therapy which is used to increase metabolism, and reduce fat. They are usually infrared.



Botox: substance derived from botulinum toxin that causes a paralysis of the muscles to avoid its overuse and the appearance of wrinkles.


Collagen: protein that is found in our skin to give firmness.

Cellulite: alteration which is in 90% of women is closely related to estrogen. Causes an orange peel appearance a few fibrous nodules, the location will generate more regular are the thighs by later.


Lymphatic drainage: manual massage which applies in a slow, rhythmic, and allows the Elimination of toxins.

Permanent hair removal: method that allows you to remove unwanted hair, using a laser or pulsed light.


Electrotherapy: technique used based on current to stimulate the muscles. It’s like exercise in passive form.

Electroporation: is application of an electromagnetic wave which allows inserting actives in the form more profound. Also called Mesotherapy without needles.

Endermologie: technique that used vacuum or suction to stimulate drainage and produces body contouring.

Elastin. Protein in our skin that allows the extension and retraction of the skin.

Stretch marks: Loss of continuity of the skin. There are red and white. Mainly the cause is genetic.


Mud therapy: therapy that involves the use of a mud or clay to hydrate the skin, providing minerals and nutrients.

Sagging: is the loss of the elasticity of the skin. As aesthetic result is excess skin, often accompanied by stretch marks.




Ipl: Intense pulsed light, technique used to shave in a definitive way.



Aesthetic Kinesiology: Specializing in physical therapy that focuses on treating the aesthetic alterations.


Lift: Surgical procedure that removes the excess skin from one part of our body, such as face, thighs, or arms etc.


Reductive massage: technique of energetic massage that allows you to model the body figure.

Mesotherapy: technique applied by doctors who introduced substances through an injection to produce different effects, can be reductive, firming or anti-cellulite.




Russian waves: type of electrotherapy that stimulates the muscle toning.


Pressotherapy: procedure that stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic drainage, used a pair of boots that inflate and deflate to a certain pressure and particular rhythm.


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Peeling: procedure that uses chemicals to stimulate cell renewal.



Radio frequency: Physical agent used to produce collagen and elastin, very effective in the retraction of the skin when there is sagging. The monopolar, Bipolar or Tripollar exist.



Tripollar: It is a type of radio frequency, is a patented technology that has a slimming and firming effect.


Ultracavitation: Physical agent based on ultrasound generated by an explosion from the adipose cell causing a slimming effect.

Ultrasound: Physical agent used in the treatment of cellulite, helps to decrease fibrosis.


Cold bandages: A technique that uses cold to generate a decrease in bodily centimeters.


Yesoterapia: Procedure used for reduction in centimeters of body perimeters, used a cast with principles gear cant.



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