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A combination of yoga, martial arts and dance is the sports Not Satisfactory. The main area of ​​about positive thinking. According to the inventor of this sport is not just by practicing physically, but also mentally stronger. In the Netherlands, not this sport to practice, but it probably will not be long.


Not Sati is a fitness workout and is a combination of martial arts, dance, yoga and positivity. It is a workout for your heart, body and soul, according to the creator of this sport Patricia Moreno.


It is a form of exercise that completely revolves around positive thinking. Cardiovascular strength and balance exercises performed heard statements?? I strongly?? or ?? I love myself??. In other words, the only positive things to say negative things preventing the world of thought comes in. When Not Satisfactory consciously use made ​​of positive thinking. A good example is that when you continue to believe that it will not fade, it happens just does not.
It has been shown that people have about 60,000 thoughts per day, of which 95% is repeated. To change this mindset Not Sati says:

  • To the usual thought patterns changed; to understand that man is the thinker and not the thought
  • Get more from the positive desires, in other words, good wishes
  • Exercise this new thought models
  • People are bombarded daily with patterns. This makes it seem that people feel powerless to change

Mode Practice

Through courses, workshops, reflections, blogs and newsletters, it is possible to delve into consciousness. This results in not only physically stronger, spiritual. The exercises consist of a combination of martial arts, yoga and dance.
In the Netherlands this type of movement has not yet introduced, but the DVD?? s Moreno is well ordered. For this you should visit the website:

Patricia Moreno

Patricia was born around 1965 and grew up in San Jose, California. She had 10 brothers and sisters, one of them is through regular exercise fitness around 180 US pounds of weight.
Through her ​​father, she was introduced to Silva Mind System method. She was sick as a teenager and had almost lost his arm. Here she learned about positive thinking and began to believe it.
She now teaches at Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York, in the sections:

  • IntenSati
  • DanceSati
  • Yogsati
  • core Satie
  • WarriorSati

Patricia is up to 2x appointed by Allure and New York magazine ?? to?? Best Fitness instructor. According to Shape magazine she belonged 2006 to?? Top 10 Women form of the world ??. She is a renowned kick boxer and dancer and she can be heard regularly on Sirius Radio Network.
At the same time, she works to educate Not Satisfactory instructors who will work worldwide. For this she given include lectures and trainings in Russia, Germany, Italy and Mexico.

Some quotes From Patricia

  • Strive not for luxury, but for greatness
  • Power consumption of the body
  • If you do not get the most out of your body, your body will never give you the desired results

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