Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter Paris Fashion Week

Returns the most innovative British of the Paris fashion week, Go back Gareth Pugh to the gateway where has worn his latest collections and has received praise from all the criticism that has led him to be untouchable people as Anna Wintour, Roisin Murphy and Kylie Minogue.

If last year we already dazzled with the revision of the architecture in the clothing, in his spring-summer 2009 collection, this year continues in its line of enfant terrible, ideal as opposite in these times of crisis where fashion on the sensationalism and simplicity.

And even if the risk is, Gareth Pugh He has partly reduced his experimentation to further consolidate now as firm intended to be dressed. Compared to his earlier appearances, where the visual impact was absolute, the proposals for the next autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 they are more ‘traditional’.

The designer himself wanted to avoid his characteristic geometric forms and refer to a style of dark areas, as he says: “this line does not come from a spaceship, coming from the inside of the surface. I wanted to do something more earthly.”

Line transmits this accessible feeling but does so with a worrying tenebrism. We already know that the next Autumn/winter 09/10 the black innundara any costumes and the color leaves their prominence to the rivalry between the white and black, but then we have to dress so sad designs in terms of tones, is another world.

Gareth Pugh still reforming to the most common sweater and does so with spectacular cuts, jackets where the layers overlap, and in long layers of a piece in black.

There are great, the risk is still present, but tend to be dark at the height of the economy comes to an end too marked. You have to be so negative or have to dress in full black. I’m better than previous collections with this. Click internetsailors for more.