Garden Decorating Ideas

Planning garden, terrace, balcony… Get inspired by the ideas of pro.

The Great Escape, By Vanessa Farbos Garden

“I wanted to create a microcosm to the resonances of distant in an urban environment, explains the Landscaper, welcomed the price of partners in the Professional category. I wanted a space to receive that is surprising. Vanessa Farbos so imagined ambience ‘forest’ at odds with the city: Moss, heaths, arborescent ferns, and four osmanthus fortunei aquifoluum (osmanthe to Holly leaves). Graphic tree trunks frame the scene and are highlighted in gabions filled with foam and white pebbles. Finally, the scene naturally directs the gaze on the urban context while keeping a part of mystery with this Panel pierced bubbles.

We Love… the Garden Table

Receive without being stuffy, use directly to the mini-potager… This is the concept of this table made custom, welcoming in its Center a planter. Each guest can pick his desire of mint, cherry tomatoes or salad for example, but the tray can also be reinvented deco version and trimmed flowers and Moss, for example. You can compose the atmosphere!

Garden Open, By the World of the Gardens

Real indoor/outdoor lounge with white resin furniture brilliant Fiberstone, this space invites to take ‘a breath of fresh air at home’, and feel on holiday without leaving its terrace with a view of the Eiffel Tower. The structure of wood gives the impression of being in a room with no roof or walls, and structured and lush plants (eucalyptus, olive, Palm, boxwood, hellebores…) transport us elsewhere.

Garden-Relaxation Without Maintenance By Cera Garden

Designed for urban owners who want to enjoy their terrace without being hampered by the eyes of the neighbors, and who opt for minimum maintenance, this garden favors the space of relaxation with a pool and a bench of angle in wood custom made and decorated cushion pink flashy. According to franciscogardening, the plants are arranged in small touches: bamboo and horsetail create green screens, while the helexine draw the Manor of HMT paving.

We Love… the Breeze-View Cut-Out

This breeze-view custom made in soft wood of pine, offers great privacy space without however completely, partition through a game of different heights. On the ground, a strip of greenery is elegantly punctuated by Garlic flowers, always in a minimalist style.

Farniente By Studio In Situ

Miss you the beach and coconut trees? Book a relaxing space as if you were suddenly to the other side of the world in a corner of the garden. Easy: a few bags of sand, exotic vegetation and a colorful hammock will create the illusion! And don’t forget to invite the Sun…

Terrace Floor Sun and Relaxation By Rochet

Built on the model of a House with balcony, this landscaped area offers several areas for refreshment in the shade: under the wooden structure with pergola or on the small bench at the old. In the planter in height, plants ‘à la Provençale’ require a minimum of maintenance and water – thyme, grasses, perennials varied…

We Love… the Romantic Bench

The bench in the old, arranged opposite the terrace, ensures a quiet retirement for the garden from another angle: the structure in all its glory. More shaded area, the vegetation is more bushy – chamerops, boxwood ball, Cypress of Provence, camelia…

High-Quality Outdoor, By Decolux Garden

Contemporary and design to wish, this composition in white and green is luxurious, with its jacuzzi which occupies the majority of the plot, and a XXS golf; different levels also were created to expand and upgrade the spaces. The geometric lines of the structure in white lacquered PVC echo just as straight lines created with the noble vegetation: trees are for example trained in tray to create term a natural pergola, and box trees are pruned to follow the shape of the jacuzzi. Decolux Garden was awarded the city of Suresnes and the tourist price in the professionals category for this achievement.

We Love… the Statue Shifted

Even inanimate, this Bulldog signed glamorous & Grunge red resin glossy and colorful, impressive at the entrance to the garden. The entrance is also marked by two trees (pinus pentaphylla and Aleppo Pine) formed in clouds.

Kitchen and Outdoor Living Room, By Urban Landscape

This living full outdoor space includes a large corner sofa in fabric water repellent and resistant to UV, and cuisine: ideal to spend all day in the Sun! “The table, for which we had a favorite, has been the basis of our project, explain the landscape. “This is a root of teak of 8.40 m 2 m wide, with a glass top. The structure of the terrace is in coconut palm (provider SM timber), while the siding is ipe. And for this outdoor kitchen made to measure, the work plan is in shale to slate, very resistant and durable. The ‘more’? The water development that identifies the garden, enhancing the impression of being in a place really apart.

The Wave of the Gardener, By the Lycée Fénelon

Entirely realized with materials of recovery, this garden-terrace to the South received 2e Prize and the prize of the public in the schools category. It’s our favorite, too! Imitating the roll of a wave that caresses a vegetated sand dune, it plays a role of Sun protection. A very nice cocoon! The trick: under the table in plywood and oak beams recovered on a demolished an old building frame, grow herbs crazy – crazily charming: fern, Euphorbia, carex berggrenii, Fescue, grass and pittosporum.

We Love… Its Structure

The metal structure is made with 32 mm diameter heating tubes. Five white arches form the skeleton of the pergola, dressed in 61 strips of plywood of 5 cm wide and painted in a purple color gradient. In fine, it would be covered with wisteria.

The Idea: This Floral Creation

On a simple base carved chicken wire sphere-shaped, wrap of the Ivies, flowers of garlic, Arum and other orchids. A great idea to Alix Lebard to reproduce, why not, at the entrance to the garden, and reinvent endlessly with your cut flowers in season. Contact: Alix Lebard, teacher of Art Floral to the. C.F.A. Fenelon and florist to the Raincy (93). 01 41 53 36 21,

Bar to Plant By the ESAJ

If usability today, it was to get together around the concept of ‘bar in plants’, allowing everyone to dip into the pot of aromatic that it please to compose or flavoring his drink? The exposed plants are, indeed, the ingredients of well-known drinks, such as vines, hops, barley, anise, fennel, mint… beautifully staged, they do their effect. Bravo for the 1St Prize in the schools category!

We Love… the Presentation

Snacking and healthy eating, with plants presented in the perfect jars or glass containers hunted; the vine, it is planted on the edge of the bar, height of hand.

A Garden of Relaxation on the Terrace By the High School In Montreuil

Bounded by these railings in wood, carved and painted, the ephemeral garden created by the students of the second year of the BTSA landscaping of the school in Montreuil sounds simple but demonstrated great ideas. Open to the sky and the city, its soil consists of squares of grass highlighted by the Softline and cobblestones Bastide of Bradstone, forming an impression of watchtower. The whole is animated by a game of water in perpetual motion, and the horsetails of winter movement (Equisetum hyemale) and rushes.

We Love… This Recycling ‘ Aesthetics

During the implementation, remained to be apprentices-landscapers of ready-to-lay grass falls… that have been recycled and diverted in natural planters for the stem trees in pots! Final touch: gray pebbles complete mineral-vegetable.

Japanese Garden By Garden Coach

In his ephemeral garden, the landscaper Karine Raulin mixed french and Japanese, styles combining aquatic, mineral and vegetal elements. In a sober mind, bamboo, cherry, maple trees of the Japan and cornus frame space meals and relaxation: an oak table embedded in the Green stage.

A Plant Yurt In Paris, By Didier Danet

This majestic architecture in the form of pumpkin won the press Prize and the award of the public in the professionals category. She transported the visitors in a motionless trip planted in the Parisian décor! Its metal poles form two separate islets, eyes toward the sky while ensuring a certain intimacy – and vines that climb create a vegetable screen charges. (Akebia quinata, climbing rose, honeysuckle).