Galaxy S6 And LG G4 With Dual Camera Such As The HTC One M8?

Samsung and LG in the future apply dual cameras? A report from South Korea suggests that both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4 this camera technique is used. Just in relation to the Galaxy S6, this message appears strange, since none of the recent leaks indicate a dual camera.

A dual camera, as it is already installed in the HTC one M8, are diverse. A particularly practical feature is the possibility to give additional depth to the image. Should actually LG and Samsung follow the lead of HTC, as GforGames reported, this would be a departure from the competition for ever-higher Megapixel values for cameras.

At The End Of The Megapixel Madness?

However should also be mentioned, that this is a frequent point of criticism on the HTC one M8: that was omitted in favor of dual-camera on a high resolution. According to the latest rumors HTC to the HTC one M9 on the dual camera therefore renounce and instead use a camera that MP resolves with either 16 or 20. It would however also possible that HTC manages to integrate a dual-camera with high resolution in your Smartphone.

About the LG G4, so far not much information to the public are flocking in contrast to the Galaxy S6. In this respect, it may well be that the successor of the LG G3 is actually equipped with a dual camera. On the previously circulating leak pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S6, a second camera has fallen so far. Clarity is there most likely in the context of Samsung unpacked event at MWC in Barcelona, where the Smartphone will be officially presented likely to. The LG G4 will be presented officially, however, probably only in May. Until then, there are probably still some rumors.

Galaxy S6 And LG G4 With Dual Camera Such As The HTC One M8