Futsal Highlights Euro 2012

Superpower in Spain Futsal, Futsal Euro 2012 was opened in Croatia against Slovenia. Unfortunately, the attention to this sport in the Netherlands, yet not so far that it actually deserves.Powerhouses of European futsal are Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Ukraine. Title candidate number one is Spain.

The Netherlands And Turkey in Futsal

Indoor Soccer is an exciting sport that is played at a high tempo and requires significant technical skills of the players. One factor, however, is greatly underestimated is tactical, if not strategic factor in the game. The Netherlands has the technical field can not complain too much, especially players with Moroccan roots are extremely skilled with the ball. But the Netherlands knows that he again failed to qualify for a major event. In the Netherlands, the game is still played on the semi pro level, and is a chance to complete the pros from eastern and southern Europe. The tactical part of the game simply looks through reduced training work is too low.

Futsal as a Cradle for Outdoor Soccer

Many countries where forms of technology and applying a strong factor in the outdoor football knows that this futsal. Young people begin there with futsal and thereby building a strong foundation technology. Countries like Brazil and Spain as the best examples of two countries that so its face to the world. In the Netherlands, there is unfortunately a distinction between field and hall. The interest in developments here will not penetrate, no results at global level is not favored.

Turkish Dutch people Present at the European Championships

Another country with a number of players from the Netherlands, Turkey. Players who Kenan Koseoglu Ismail warrants, Yener KILIÇ, Yasin Cihan Özcan Erdal and his friends from the Dutch league. They are surprisingly qualified for the European Championship. Although they have a chance to advance as an incentive to get out of the shell.Here are the results of the games played at the European Championship.


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