Forbes Chooses the Best Dressed Athletes

This should have come out of my writing. But no, the list of the best dressed athletes I read it in Mensencia, and could it be anyone but of Forbes, experts in lists. Absolute weakness, seriously.

The number 1, although I do not agree, is for Sean Avery, Player of hockey’s New York Rangers. The number 2 is for David Beckham. When he defended before the FIFA bid for England to host the World Cup was perfect. Number 3 is for Tom Brady, New England Patriots football player. The number 4 is for Baron Davis, Los Angeles Clippers basketball player. Different style, less classical than the previous.

Based on Cothingexpress, the number 5 is for Luke Donald, professional golfer. I am not at all agree, but it is not my list. The number 6 is for Chris Eubank, former boxer. It squeals to include a former sportsman, but Forbes is so. Roger Federer, the number 7 is my number one always, for them. Elegant on the track, not only in her tennis, but outside of it.

The number 8 is to LeBron James. Well… Star NBA Media always, Miami Heat player is smarter out of the track. I’m not agree by very cover of Vogue that has been. The number 9 is to Dhani Jones, Cincinnati Bengals football player. Athlete and designer, good mix. And the number 10 is for Henrik Lundqvist, give them New Yor Rangers ice hockey.

My chosen

I am not going to make a list of the top ten, not keep so many sports, and don’t know the NFL or NHL market as well, so I’ve chosen that I think should be if we did a different list. If you become a little football, forgive me.

  • Roger Federer, insurance.
  • Nacho Figueras, the international polo player and loyal to Ralph Lauren.
  • David Beckham, classic among classics between sport and fashion.
  • José Miguel González Martín de el Campo, Michel. A man who closely impresses by the innate elegance, poise, choice of fashion and magnetism. I will always remember two interviews I had with him, his pink jersery of CH and a blue velvet jacket.
  • One has its weaknesses from the adolescence, and I would like to include a former athlete, former player and ex-coach Jorge Valdano.
  • Another footballer to close a short list, Xabi Alonso. The world champion is always spotless.