Fastest Method of Picture Frames

Sometimes you’ll want to just have a small frame to your photos. There are many methods for precisely to hit an image zoom. But here comes an insanely fast and quite nyfrisk method to build a frame onto an image. Or what if you want the wide white border around the entire picture? Or a wide white with little transparency?

Now I show you what to do, without working with layers, to create frames of images in Photoshop.

  1. Open an image.
  2. Go to menu Edit > Fill
  3. Choose Pattern and beat Scripted pattern s to. See now that secret giveaway to the big and totally festive frame workshop.

But besides the wild party songs hits you can also find the “professional” hits. Scroll down and grab them with straight lines. Here is an example of frame number 39:

It is set with a margin so that the frame starts in the picture. It comes in practice to look like this:

Frames from the Edge in Photoshop

Let’s try another example where we want the frame to start again at the edge of the image. We set the following options:

And the picture frame will look like this:

But what if we would like to have that frame is not 100% full of color? We want the frame semi-transparent or ligenden. Had we work with layers could we turn down the opacitetes for just that layer. But since we have not saved the picture yet, we have the whole through murky chance to slow down a bit for our Fill command!

You do this via the menu Edit > Fade Fill (remember to do it even before you do anything else. Fade command remember only last used command or tool. The table captures just really tough when you do not work in layers)

In the end, the picture as to look like this:

And here a more festive element from the frame builder in Photoshop CC:

It is a variation of the number 30th

If you prefer to party songs genre is number 11 fine with colors:

But it can also be used to put the artistic context of boudoir photography :

So it’s your turn!

And would you like to get a grip on how to work intelligently in Photoshop, so the way a course where your needs are in the center.