Fashion For the Day to Day:Tips For Using Sweater and Cardigan

The pieces of wool and cashmere, or any other material synthetic, are essential in the little wardrobe and combine with various occasions.
Regardless of the style, the pieces can be used in numerous ways.Versatility sets and, if it’s an item that cool, worth an investment a little louder. Is always the one idea that most classic parts and useful in your wardrobe deserves a spent a little heavier than the trend pieces that end up being quickly dropped.
There are different parts in wool/cashmere, including cardigans, which are completely open in front, almost always characterized by central and vertical buttonholes, and sweaters, closed, with possibility of several variations on the sleeve length or neckline style showing on INTERNETSAILORS.

The difference in effect and appears as utility use and trim each piece generates in silhouette. The sweater tends to be more adjusted and is perfect for overlays with shirts, leaving collar and wrists slightly out.
V-neck, depth, is perfect to stretch neck and enhance breasts. Already the round neckline creates sensation of upper portion a little more wide-translating, enhances the bust.

The long sleeves or shortened, .75, style can be modified with folds or even with the use of rubber bands that hold the sleeves a little wrinkled. Already the cardigans vary greatly in length. The shorter ones are perfect for women who want to enhance the butt and hip region; already the elongated look good on women who want to play the focal point in a high point, marking the waist.
And the details are an extra point. Don’t think only in flat pieces. The pictures appear, as well as different trims-tom lines contrasting or even in different buttons, like the mother-of-Pearl which are very found.

In choosing the piece, note the difference between the weight and the weight of the wool or cashmere. Finest add less weight and, with it, are good also in the days of temperatures a little higher. Already the thicker, with plots worked, are perfect for winter! The choice, of course, is the combination style/silhouette.