Fake Leather-Black And White

Actually, I wanted to post a totally clever post today. The subject has now been omitted, but I know this would have become wise and wise.

 But somehow, I found my rediscovered love for bright colors in the way and I had to make a wardrobe to see if my pastel is already covered and I imagine, I absolutely need a pair of pants in bright pink… That just requires mine Whole attention. Besides, you have forgiven me with your many comments under my birthday contribution last Sunday, my megalomania. So you have made me a huge joy and my world football is now nothing more in the way … O 🙂

Important Everyday Questions

But first, there are still important things to clarify in everyday life.Why, for example, do noodles need more time to become al dente than is written on the pack? Why is it that the tip of the pencil (also applies to kajal) is always so much too wide that the fresh tip remains caught in the sharpener? Why is Chanel lipstick not suitable for a glossy finish? Why do I always eat tomato sauce or salad with balsamic dressing when I wear a white/light top? Why is never peanut butter in the house when I just feel like it? Why is the blouse not yet ironed, which I would like to wear? Why do I never get a brief appointment with my pedicure? Why does my coffee taste different when I drink it with a small tube?

Fake Leather-Black And White

You see-these are important things that drive me … Maybe you know the answers? I am excited and now I am again trying to taste my newly ordered skirts in rosé, but until then you have to take with black and white looks. A color combination that I can see all year round. With it my first fake leather pants and my new black pumps.Honestly, I’m not such a big fan of artificial leather. This has to do with the fact that I fakeleder more easily sweat and I can not suffer.However, these pants have a great lining and so far there was no tropical clima. This was certainly also at the outside temperature-at 3 degrees, my sweat breaks are still within limits… Perhaps this will change somewhere else-but until then, I would naturally not want to tie the tropics to the leg like the pants-at least not because of the trousers… Well, I think my post has become quite interesting. If you disagree, please keep it for yourself… because of the World Cup and so… and before I write around now head and collar, I leave you at the place and wish a beautiful, relaxed Sunday… O 🙂