Eyeglasses And Sunglasses Online From OmniOptics

OmniOptics is an online store for eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The website is designed perfectly clear and good.
The store provides eyeglasses from prestigious brands, including D & G, Fila, Hugo Boss, CK and many more.

In two large categories the user has the possibility after his dream glasses to browse.

The category of eyeglasses is divided into 3 parts: Men’s sunglasses and women’s eyewear. Here you can turn to the edge types (rimless, semi-rand), after the Seestärken (multifocal, bifocal) and the material (titanium, metal, plastic) are filtered. In addition, the price filtering option is given. Various Collections: Value, Economy, bronze, gold, silver or platinum, and products.

The second major category is divided sunglasses also by gender. Again, there are various filter options: Polarized or Photochrom and after the material: plastic or metal. In addition, children find great spectacles.
The option to filter the price and the designs (pilot sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses, sunglasses Shield) is available.

Omnioptics offers in the third category spectacle accessories of all kinds. These included Reinigsungszubehör, eyeglass cases, nose pads, spare and replacement lenses, goggles, rulers for PD measurement and reading glasses in various strengths at unbelievably low prices.

Installing windscreens and Lens Replacement Service
An interesting and really great service is the installing windscreens and glasses exchange. Omnioptics offers the service to replace broken or damaged glasses in their already existing version.

in the online shop to the customer still offer many useful extras.

So there is a guide to understanding the glasses Regulation with explanations of abbreviations and meanings that can be found on an eyeglass prescription.

Instructions for PD pupillary distance measurement.

A diagram illustrating the individual elements and components of the eyeglass frame.

Tips for caring for the glasses

Details of the structure of the eye

Interesting information about Computer Glasses

A detailed consultation page on the Glasses Buy Online

Detailed information about supplements for the eye.

And free UV protection, anti-reflective, scratch protection, glasses and cleaning cloth part of the service.

The offer

The online store offers a wide range of various glasses models of renowned brands in all price ranges.Filter Options Due to the very fine filter options, the user will without much difficulty quickly became his favorite model. Among other things, can be filtered by style, glass type, brand, price and material in the sub-addition.

Product details
Each spectacle is me several pictures provided were backed by the Great view option.
In addition, each spectacle is described in detail, including: color, strap length, web, glass width and height version. All glasses options are also displayed.

Glasses price list, types
a detailed price list and list of all glasses offered is available.

Order glasses

Once the buyer selected glasses he clicks on the button to go shopping.
Then the buyer chooses between remote, -Lese-Computer.-single vision,-Virio.-bifocal, and fashion glasses
now have to do the correction values ​​in a clear table are inserted, the glasses Standard or Super thin are selected, a lens shading is offered in the ordering process and after your data, the spectacle is then added to the cart ready.

Shipping costs
7.08 €

credit card, debit card, PayPal, check

At this point I would like to thank you for the very nice contact with Omnioptics and want to show you my experience with the online store now.

Seeking a long time for an inexpensive sunglasses with a black border. When I looked at the website of Omnioptics sunglasses closer looked I found right away very cheap and of high quality looking spectacles.

The choice fell to me personally very easy because I knew exactly what I wanted. So my interest was the following spectacles:

Savannah Prescription Glasses 1 Savannah Prescription Glasses 2 Both glasses are exactly in the same form as I had imagined. I have taken my own glasses to help and the strap length, web, glass Width and Frame Height measured and compared with the spectacles of Savannah.

Once I was sure that I would like to order these goggles I went to, like ordering process already described above, by.

I gave up my data and the glasses election and ordered the glasses.

After not quite one week both spectacles came well preserved and well packed in my home to.

The stable case by the glasses contained goes well to open and close and secure the eyewear perfect during transport.
A Brillenputztuch was, as promised, also included.

Both glasses are fit and the values ​​were most exactly taken.

The quality of the glasses has convinced me most. They are meticulously crafted and the racks one sees no way the super low price of only 11.90 euros on!!!

11,90 Euro

Omnioptics offers eyeglasses and sunglasses from renowned brands in a variety of designing and price ranges. The ordering process and the service is impeccable. The quality I ordered eyeglasses is great.
I recommend the online shop with 5 stars very happy to!